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The CEO posted a video on Instagram of Soulja Boy’s first public appearance in public. In the new video, it looks as though Soulja has gained some healthy weight. Rolling Stone will update this story as more information comes in.

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SOULJA BOYSoulja Boy gave a combative and passionate interview to Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday morning. Soulja Boy never became a troll, he was one from the very moment he began to imprint himself on the national music scene, pulling the bait-and-switch on folks hoping to grab 50 Cent tracks off Limewire. So while his recent Breakfast Club interview may have been a reminder of his rabble-rousing ways to most of the mainstream public, it’s really just the latest and loudest moment in a career that has been characterized by trolling and a preternatural sense of knowing who to target and when to pounce.

First, it helps to know what Soulja Boy is mad about. His primary argument is that he had the biggest comeback of 2018” (where did he go exactly?), and that many rappers have copied his style. According to Complex, he kicked off his week with an Instagram livestream (of consciousness?) rant. It began anti-Kanye and ended pro-Kanye, complete with a request for fans to send him money.

Soulja Boy is a popular and talented rapper, and he is extremely passionate about what he does. At only 27 years old, Soulja Boy’s net worth is already $30 million and will gain more as he continues to make music.

The year was 2007. A trio of threequels was conquering the box office and disappointing audiences (Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), Apple introduced the iPhone, and the final Harry Potter book had been released. It was a time of technological revolution and pop culture intrigue.

Who is on your list of the most influential rappers of all time? Most people would naturally flock to hip-hop legends like Tupac, the Notorious B.I.G, Dr. Dre and Nas. Some of hip-hop’s biggest names right now might come to mind, like say a Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West. Some might even say Future, Chief Keef or Young Thug and point to their crop of musical offspring as evidence.

In the Breakfast Club interview, Soulja Boy is indignant when Charlamagne and DJ Envy say that Tyga and Meek Mill had bigger 2018 comebacks than he did, but when the two hosts talk about musical accomplishments Soulja doesn’t rush to mention any of the dozens of songs he dropped last year. At this point, music is a secondary or tertiary interest for him, in the same vein as acting or hocking shoddy video game systems. He’s a full-time shit stirrer, and when all is said and done he’ll probably find himself as the Drake or Kanye West of online trolling.

The rapper’s proto-viral rise was a harbinger for the future of hip-hop, but it instantly put him at odds with the genre’s elders. That can lead some artists to try and prove themselves by showcasing their traditional MC skills (think Lil Yachty), but Soulja Boy resisted those temptations. This is someone who had a legitimate hit song where he and his friend literally shout gibberish at anyone who tries to speak to them – he’s not going to do anything to appease the lyrical, miracle, spiritual” set.

Much of Soulja Boy’s success has come from the internet. Soulja Boy, otherwise known as DeAndre Cortez Way, was born on the 28th of July, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois; but moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his family when he was just six years old.

Although he hilariously addressed it on his IG Live, explaining that his appearance was due to a near-death experience on Jan 7, Charlamagne made sure to follow up, asking to see under Soulja’s nose for powder residue when the interview started.

On Wednesday morning, Soulja Boy appeared on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” to promote his upcoming role on the WE tv reality series , “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.” But the 28-year-old rapper ended up delivering an impassioned defense of his legacy.

You see, Soulja Boy has superseded the gatekeepers of the music industry, and has advanced beyond the bounds of what was previously thought possible. Soulja Boy, known for such hits as Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and Turn My Swag On,” is now an e-commerce titan.

In a nearly-hour long interview with The Breakfast Club released this morning, the “Crank That” rapper isn’t backing down on his claims that he’s the most deserving rapper of the year and the decade. For his first appearance at the radio show, Soulja Boy reveled in recounting the events the rest of the world might not be privy to. His appearance on The Breakfast Club is indicative of one thing: Soulja Boy’s storytelling abilities are unmatched. He’s got an answer for everything—even if the stories aren’t very believable. Here’s some of the wildest shit that went on, according to Soulja Boy.

Never content to confine his instigation to the music world, Soulja Boy’s diverse portfolio has kept him in the headlines and given him ample trolling opportunities. In 2011, he loudly proclaimed his intent to star in a remake of the 2Pac film Juice , and even tried to audition to play the legendary rapper in a biopic.

DeAndre Cortez Way (b. July 28, 1990), better known as his stage name Soulja Boy, is a rapper, producer, and social media influencer born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Atlanta, Georgia whose debut single Crank That (Soulja Boy)” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and would hold that spot for seven non-consecutive weeks.

Well, let me tell you: DeAndre Cortez Way, aka Young Draco, aka Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, aka Soulja, just provided so much unintentional comedy and spit some truisms for that ass during his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. You should watch it. Because we all should watch it.

Soulja Boy’s road to sobriety happened after he was released from jail five months earlier than expected over the summer. He began making changes in his life shortly after he attained his freedom. Once he swore to reduce his screentime on social media , Soulja also kicked a bunch of people out of his San Fernando Valley home. His former associates were previously living at his home when his property was reportedly burglarized while he was incarcerated.

In 2010, Soulja Boy was named to Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. At the time, much of his wealth was from touring and ringtone downloads. He earned $7 million that year. In 2016, the artist signed a five-year endorsement deal with World Poker Fund Holdings. Some publications reported the deal was worth $400 million, although Digital Music News says a source told them the deal was worth less than $1 million.

Kayla’s version of events is vastly different, and includes Soulja Boy rushing out into the driveway to punch and kick her on the ground. As previously reported, police confirmed that a kidnapping report was filed on Saturday morning, but they would not specify the names of the people involved. They told reporters that there is “an active investigation” underway.

Soulja Boy claims that the Console is capable of running PlayStation, NeoGeo, PC, Sega, Game Boy Advance, and NES games, as well as SouljaGames.” The website states that the console comes with 800 games preinstalled onto the console. According to the site, the handheld runs Switch, 3DS, Vita, NeoGeo, Game Boy Color and Advance games, and it will have 3,000 games built into the system.

Soulja Boy (aka Big Draco) just conducted one of the most memorable rap interviews in years. Here is everything we learned from it. But, Soulja is still in trouble but for entirely different reasons. During the search, police discovered ammunition in the home, which is a violation of Soulja’s probation.

At 15 years old, Soulja began uploading songs to SoundClick and eventually moved to YouTube and MySpace. By March 2007, he came up with the concept behind Crank That” and uploaded the song—and a video of its accompanying dance—online. Two months later, in May 2007, Crank That” started to go viral. He signed to Interscope Records in the same month. By October, his major label debut album was released and peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. But critics quickly blasted his simplistic lyrics and unorthodox flows, questioning whether or not he’d just be a one-hit wonder.

UPDATE: After serving close to 90 days of jail time, Soulja Boy has been let off 146 days ahead of his originally scheduled release. In his first interview with The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy argued he had the best comeback of 2018 but really just ended up telling wild stories.

CEO Money Mike of SODMG shut down rumors that he’s missing, and addressed why no one has seen him. Posting a video with Soulja Boy’s first public appearance, he explained that the rapper has been trying to center himself since his release in July. He’s remained low key but he has gained some weight since his incarceration.

There’s also his outlandish beef with Chris Brown, which nearly culminated in a boxing match between them before Brown cancelled. The singer, who was recently released without charges following a rape accusation in Paris, is a far more loathsome figure than Soulja despite his enduring commercial popularity, so even though the conflict seems to have been initiated by Soulja Boy, plenty of fans simply wouldn’t support Brown on principle.

Court records show that Soulja Boy has been in custody at the Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail since April 11 and will be credited with 40 days served. On top of jail time, he will also be serving 265 days of community service.

Soulja Boy is the reason why your favorite rapper is on social media. Watch the full interview below to see how Soulja shaded not only Drake, but Tyga and even Kanye West. Soulja Boy has been spotted in public for the first time since his prison release. The “Crank That” rapper was sentenced to a 240-day sentence over a probation violation.

His 2008 sophomore album, iSouljaboytellem, was based off of iTunes and Apple,” and featured both more polished production and more guest appearances from the likes of Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, and Yo Gotti. While the record spawned a few successful singles, that era was when he fully leaned into his trollish tendencies, and figured out the best way to do so was by antagonizing specific artists. For instance, he accused Bow Wow of renting his Lamborghini and challenged him to a race for ownership of the car, though the two later made up and released the joint mixtape Ignorant Shit in 2016.

Soulja Boy has undergone a lot of changes since he was released from a California jail cell in July, both physically and when it comes to his overall lifestyle. He was released just after noon PST, according to the LASD website. Later Friday, the rapper posted a profanity-laced live Instagram video to update his fans.

According to Miami Mike, Soulja used to kill his appetite every time he sipped on lean. Since cutting the drug from his daily regimen, the rapper is reportedly eating better and working out more than before. His lifestyle change has also helped stabilize his bank account. Soulja reportedly spent $500 to $800 on lean per day.

The year was 2007. A trio of threequels was conquering the box office and disappointing audiences (Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), Apple introduced the iPhone, and the final Harry Potter book had been released. It was a time of technological revolution and pop culture intrigue.

The quality of Soulja Boy’s music is still highly questionable. It’s not hard to tell why the Zaytoven instrumental he and Migos famously shared is known as the Versace” beat and not the OMG Part 2” beat, and What’s Hannenin’” is half-baked and unlistenable compared to Miss Me.” But there is no denying his savvy. In a sense, criticizing figures like Drake, West, and Grande is Soulja fighting above his weight class, but in reality, none of them can respond without lowering themselves to his level. Because of the names involved, the click-hungry media covers Soulja Boy’s every comment, and his profile continues to rise.

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