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A ridiculously insistent Soca-soaked track, Hurtin’ Me is sure to join Steff’s outrageously rowdy 16 Shots as a 2017 Carnival classic. She first snatched attention by jumping on a remix of Section Boyz’s breakout hit ‘Lock Arff’ back in 2015.

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STEFFLON DONStephanie Allen aka Stefflon Don first set the underground alight in 2015 with her take on the Section Boy’s street smash ‘Lock Arf’. What does the future hold for London’s rising star? A collaboration with Drake is in the works, her debut album and rumoured tour. And if that doesn’t convince you, let us give you a simple introduction in a Stefflon Don lyrics class.

Another idol of hers, Foxy Brown, allegedly resented this homage to her old-time rival, subsequently blocking Stefflon on social media, but the truth is that SECURE is clearly influenced by the pair in different ways. When the Hackney artist goes in hard on album tracks like Jellio” and Crunch Time,” the unflinching bravado on display hearkens back to the very best of Lil’ Kim, while more vulnerable moments on songs like Favourite Girl” are reminiscent of Foxy Brown’s work from later on in her career.

Stefflon Don’s first breakout hit was called ’16 Shots’. The Caribbean-themed song currently has over 20 million views on YouTube. In the year 2017, she was featured on the song Instruction” by Jax Jones and Demi Lovato. Her single Hurtin’ Me” made it to number 7 on the UK Singles Chart. Her new song Senseless is out now.

Although songs like this have already made Stefflon a star in the UK, her evolution into American territory with guest star Future is what will ensure her global appeal on an international stage. A strong single contender, What You Want” pits the two superstars together in a mournful rumination on fame, rapping about Gucci and Louis Vuitton with a sad yet typically heartfelt chorus. According to Stefflon, the collaboration almost didn’t happen at one point, as the hip-hop heavyweight had mixed feelings about the original beat she played for him, but Future soon changed his mind when the British star found something better suited to his tastes.

While her reported net worth is merely an estimation, Stefflon Don is said to be worth around £1.2 million following her record deal with Universal Music Group’s Polydor label in 2017. “Signed my label to Universal then I signed myself” she wrote after the deal was sealed.

She’s had a striking run as a guest artist nonetheless. After first surfacing in 2015 with a cover of Wretch 32’s Six Words , which took the tender ballad and flipped it on its head, she featured on tracks by Lethal Bizzle (Wobble remix), Sneakbo (Work remix) and Angel (Hop On). Coming full circle, she featured on Wretch’s top five album, Growing Over Life last September, then rounded off 2016 by dropping her debut mixtape Real Ting , being named on the BBC’S Sound of 2017 longlist , and lining up as the single most exciting female MC in the UK rap (as distinct from grime) scene.

Like Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown before her, UK grime artist Stefflon Don has already built an impressive career for herself without even releasing an album, achieving more than the vast majority of her peers who have been in the game for way longer. Since she first hopped on a Jeremih song called London” back in late 2016, the artist otherwise known as Stephanie Allen has already won a MOBO Award for Best Female Artist and appeared on the longlist for BBC Sound of 2017.

Thanks to her ambition and impressive work ethic, Stefflon has crafted a collection of songs that combine the very best of her global influences, slipping between gangster bravado, dancehall inflections, and London grime like a true Don. Production on some tracks occasionally bleeds into each other, and various influences from other female rappers can sometimes threaten to overpower Stefflon’s own distinct personality, but world domination” can’t be far from her grasp now.

Fredo, AJ Tracey , Stormzy and Not3s follow Dave as the most popular male MCs, while Stefflon Don tops the list of female rappers, with 85% uplift in streams between September 2018-April 2019. Ms Banks , Lady Leshurr and Nadia Rose follow Stefflon Don on the list.

Stefflon Don was born in 1991 in Birmingham, England with a real name of Stephanie Victoria Allen to her Jamaican parents. Her parents raised her up together with her six siblings. When Stefflon was four, her family relocated to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. However, at the age of 14, she came back to Britain to study at a London school.

In 2015, Stefflon Don covered Wretch 32’s Six Words” and Section Boyz’s Lock Arff.” The feat sparked her career; opening doors to a host of future collaborations with prominent artists. She collaborated with the likes of Lethal B, Sneakbo, Gigg and was featured alongside Krept & Konan on Jerimih’s single, London.” Jerimih would return the favor in her single Tight Nooki.” In December 2016, Stefflon Don released her mixtape Real Ting” and it gained traction. Prior to the release, Title track Real Ting” made noise on YouTube; quickly racking up over a million views and setting the stage for the mixtape. As her YouTube and social media fan base exploded, record labels started to take note.

It’s this conviction that has earned Stefflon Don, aka Stephanie Allen, a reputation as an emphatically real MC. Her inventive rhymes and wordplay have already caught the attention of rap and grime fans alike, proving that this bilingual mum-of-one and self-described girl with the blue hair” is a force to be reckoned with.

Stefflon is succeeding where many talented British MCs have fallen short. The uncut London accents that made grime Britain’s first truly homegrown form of hip-hop are a tough sell for American audiences, thwarting scene leaders from Dizzee Rascal to Wiley Stefflon’s performing voice, however, is a fluid, frictionless blend of London, America and Jamaica that gels seamlessly with hip-hop, grime, dancehall, R&B and house. The range of her guest spots ( Lil Yachty, Tinie Tempah , Charli XCX ) and collaborations ( Sean Paul , Jeremih , Skepta ) during the past 18 months speaks volumes.

The east Londoner first started making waves in 2015 with her versions of Wretch 32’s Six Words and Section Boyz’s Lock Arff. Since then she’s been in high demand, appearing on tracks by the likes of Lethal Bizzle, Sneakbo and Angel. In September 2016, she made an impressive appearance on Jeremih’s single London, where her patois-inflected, quick-fire one-liners came thick and fast. 1Xtra’s DJ Target is a particular fan and has championed her on his show.

Rapper from across the pond Stefflon Don is feeling the heat from Black Americans on the internet. She found herself in hot water when she shared a clip of herself being arrested, to help promote a single. When called out for its insensitivity, she responded in the worst way possible and is now facing backlash for her actions.

Stephanie Allen is describing the traits of her star sign, Sagittarius, and over the course of our conversation it becomes clear she embodies every single one of them. Indeed, you get the impression that in pretty much any given situation, Steph – known to most as vibrant rising rapper and singer Stefflon Don – stands out with said unapologetic confidence. When I meet her she’s replete with fiery orange hair (a change from her trademark blue), a hoodie with a diamanté zipper, and frosted in glittery accessories and equally glittering make-up. She emanates a majestic, head-turning presence, not least because of her booming laugh and the intimidating way she switches between sipping hot tea and eating ice as she talks.

Yes! Stefflon Don’s Snapchat username is Stefflon-Don. Tune in for celebrity appearances, sneak peaks of new music and plenty of banter. She also appears on the 2019 song Boasty with British rapper Wiley, Jamaican dance hall star Sean Paul and actor and musician Idris Elba.

Touted, somewhat lazily, as the UK’s answer to Nicki Minaj (well, at least they’re not comparing me to anyone shit!”), she raps with wit and ferocity about female empowerment, street life and sex, her brash, charismatic music marked by authentic injections of Jamaican dancehall.

Beloved of her peers, Stefflon Don just signed a huge record contract and is working on an album that captures her fun, filthy and fabulous personality in all its glory. We meet her. As of 2018, Stefflon Don net worth is under review. As she is doing various shows, Stefflon Don net worth is expected to be in millions.

Eight years on and Steff is currently readying her debut mixtape, which features Jeremih and Scouse Trappin Tremz. The rising young rhymer, writer and singer has lofty ambitions, but never at the expense of selling her sound, her style or her soul.

The UK MC broke through with her remix of Section Boyz’ ‘Lock Arff’, and has been a talking point in the country ever since: her face has been particularly ubiquitous on posters around London in the past few months. With that said, Stefflon Don perhaps needs even less introduction to those who are into the current school of US hip hop: she featured on one of the best songs on teen rap king Lil Yachty’s poppy debut album ‘Better’ earlier this year – a dreamy ode to youthful romance – and her latest potently humid single ‘Hurtin’ Me’ featured summer favourite French Montana. At the time of writing she’s also on tour with hip hop behemoth Future (she’s hoping he’ll overhear her singing in a corridor at some point and want to work with her before the tour is over).

2016 also saw the release of her debut mixtape, Real Ting, which featured Jeremih returning the favor as a guest artist. As 2016 drew to a close, Stefflon Don was highlighted on the BBC’s Sound of 2017 list. She kicked off 2018 with the release of the Hurtin’ Me EP (Polydor), which featured Instruction” with Jax Jones and Demi Lovato, as well as the U.K. Top Ten title track, and in 2019 she issued the single Phone Down,” a collaboration with rapper Lil Baby.

24-year-old Stefanie Allen is best known these days as Stefflon Don (or, occasionally, Steff London). The British born, Holland-raised rhymer and singer first made an impression with her powerful patois-ridden version of Section Boyz’ street smash “Lock Arff,” before lining up an arsenal of features with everyone from Lethal B to K Koke and Angel. Often compared to Nicki Minaj, Stef steps lightly into the The Barb’s hyper-made up heels with her bright blue hair and contoured construction, but the east Londoner sets out her stall by being brilliantly, particularly British.

Don first surfaced in 2015 by releasing a cover of Wretch 32 ‘s “Six Words,” and went on to be featured on tracks such as Lethal Bizzle ‘s “Wobble,” Sneakbo ‘s “Work” remix and Angel ‘s Hop On. 6 Don made her first appearance on an American song with the track “London” by singer Jeremih , 7 and was later featured on Lil Yachty ‘s “Better” from the album Teenage Emotions On 16 December 2016, Don released her first mixtape titled Real Ting.

Her ascend in the UK rap scene has taken the industry by storm, especially due to a lack of elite females within the urban industry. Initially working closely with rapper Sneakbo and covering other artists, such as Section Boyz and Rihanna Often hailed up as the UK’s answer Nicki Minaj – Due to her bold and brash raps, infused with raw sexual dancehall flavours. She in fact notes her time hearing dance music from the mixed ethnic minority community in Rotterdam. Drawing upon the Spanish, Suriname and Portuguese influences.

Though most impressive of all is the fact that Stefflon Don became the first British artist to ever feature in XXL‘s Freshman Class, and A-list collaborations with the likes of Ne-Yo, Big Sean and French Montana have only helped raised her profile even more. However, such success also brings pressure, too. After all, it’s been almost two decades since Ms Dynamite and Dizzee Rascal first crossed over to America, and grime has never fared as well since, despite persistent efforts from UK favorites like Skepta and Stormzy.

By the time she clocks off it’s close to 7pm. She has been through so many outfit changes, hair alterations and general re-upholsterings, she has lost count. These things are way more exhausting than they look. And still, when she walks into The Ivy in civilian garb, the entire place turns around to look at her, like: ‘Who the f is that?’ Bright pink hair. Fierce blue talons. Star-spangled Chanel shades. Curves spilling out of a powder-blue tracksuit that she designed. Even if not that many people recognise her yet, there is simply no mistaking Ms Stephanie Allen, 26, for anything other than a massive star. I get the impression she’d be just like this if she were pushing a trolley around the supermarket or dropping off her kid at school.

But that classy slice of dancehall-pop shows just one side of Steff. She can also hop between trap and grime, her bold bars switching seamlessly between an unmistakeable east London snarl and a punching patois.

What does the future hold for London’s rising star? A collaboration with Drake is in the works, her debut album and rumoured tour. And if that doesn’t convince you, let us give you a simple introduction in a Stefflon Don lyrics class.

Popularly known as Stefflon Don, the English rapper and singer has enthused many to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. Stefflon Don songs are so realistic which can pierce your soul and mind. From a hairdresser to one of the applauded artists, the journey holds many untold stories.

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