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From the moment that the video starts, Walker looks like an absolute star. They all stopped by to perform for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk series, and you’re there in spirit, absorbing the warmth in the room.

summer walker tour dallas – Summer Walker Has Us In Our Feelings With Her New Album ‘Over It’

SUMMER WALKERThe truth is, our favorite artists are a guiding light. For years, we have looked toward their lyrics for relationship and life advice packaged into Instagram-worthy captions and mantra-making verses. Now, it only makes sense that they begin to embrace the freedom of resembling the same women who are tuning in.

Contemporary R&B artist who debuted in 2018 with succinct ballads for the LVRN label. Singer Summer Walker and London On That Track – who produced much of her hit debut album Over It -had been dating. The project featuring 18 songs, and a host of our favorite artist, including Jhene Aiko, Usher, and Bryson Tiller, covers the complexities around unrequited love, and the beauty of a budding romance.

We know now that Walker is not merely timid or flippant, and that her issues can not be prescribed rest and recovery, or even vocal or media training. To presume that the artist’s condition is something that can be simply fixed” in the first place dismisses the very real possibility that the issue may be chronic. With Black women’s bodies, behaviors and emotions policed more than that of any other group, if Walker’s struggles with social anxiety aren’t already chronic, the stressors of the music industry are bound to create an environment in which they’re at least persistent.SUMMER WALKER

The dichotomy of Summer Walker presents us with the growing trend of sincerity that is leading the way for R&B’s next wave of stars. While she may be the most prominent, Summer Walker certainly isn’t alone in the group of women who are breaking out of the role of the traditional industry sweetheart.

To Jusu’s point, brooding white singers Lorde or Billie Ellish have also spoken openly about how anxiety affects their performances —testimonials that have been met with overwhelming support. Rarely do we ever see the same sort of understanding offered to Black women artists with similar struggles. For the most part, the public largely remains silent on the issue of Black women’s mental health, only to then celebrate their success stories.

Summer Walker sings with a sensual delay that finishes with the start of the beat and song. Her voice is alluring, but traces of brokenness show up underneath the surface. Emotions resurfaced when Drake collaborated on the song’s remix for this album.

After what felt like only ten minutes, Summer Walker and her super producer bae London On Da Track seemingly rekindled their somethingship when he surprised her with flowers during her London show. The hot romance between R&B songstress Summer Walker and producer London On Da Track fizzled just as quickly as it began.

The artist also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show as part of Apple Music’s Up Next campaign before hitting the road to headline her sold out Girls Need Love Tour last spring. Walker is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut album, titled, Over It.

The project kicks off with the title track, Over It” as Walker questions Am I really that much to handle?” Much of her music speaks on her presence as an independent woman, and how her strong personality draws people away, yet not in a way that begs for pity…but rather sticks a middle finger up to those weak enough to walk away.

To add, the demands of an artist in the digital age are unique, in that musicians are now expected to deliver faster and be more visible. There are several cautionary tales of Black women artists fading to the background before their time, unable to manage their mental health issues under stress of the machine that consumed them. Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Azealia Banks are a few examples. Listeners don’t have to enjoy Walker’s reserved form of artistry, but her harshest critics should be mindful of the fact that she’s facing something more complicated than they realize.

Walker revealed how the Drake collaboration came to be during an interview with Billboard , released Tuesday, and explained the Canadian rapper reached out to her via Instagram. “I think Drake slid into the DMs and was like, ‘I saw your video on a bowling alley monitor—thought it was cool,'” she explained.

Earlier in her career, Beyoncé famously discussed embodying her alter-ego Sasha Fierce to conquer her nerves before going onstage. Today, the HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM performer is considered one of the most electrifying live acts on the planet. But Walker’s journey should be given space to be unique, as experiences with anxiety may vary for different artists depending on their triggers and how severe their condition is.

From the moment that the video starts, Walker looks like an absolute star. She wears these magnificent, diamond-encrusted glasses that draw all eyes to her. She also kicks things off without discussion, strumming the guitar while she softly sings “Session 32” with equally talented backup singers. She then immediately goes into “Wasted” and lets her soulful vocals grow louder as the warmth of the sun bled through her words.

The Atlanta native flips the narrative female R&B artists are expected to have on her debut album. Summer released her debut album Over It on October 4, 2019. It’s unclear whether or not the post was geared towards Walker but London shared a snake emoji in his Instagram story.

According to and the Billboard 200 album charts, Summer Walker’s first studio album has earned the largest streaming week ever for an R&B album by a woman in terms of on-demand audio streams.” This beats that of Beyoncé’s Lemonade” album by about 20 million units.

LVRN (short for Love Renaissance) discovered Walker after its studio manager — who coincidentally shares the same name — Googled herself and found videos the singer had uploaded on YouTube and Vine (one mash-up of Drake, Rae Sremmurd, Ginuwine and Beyoncé has been viewed more than 522,000 times). The label was making waves with singer 6lack, whose success helped establish the small shop as a disrupter in the trap-dominated Atlanta music scene, but it hadn’t signed a female vocalist until representatives met Walker.

Summer Walker loves music, but she surprisingly seems to hate interviews and the behind the scenes of the music industry. In this social media era, we have become accustomed to seeing loud, outgoing personalities like Cardi B or Lizzo; but we’re caught off guard when a voice like Summer Walker’s debuts with an unapologetically shy and unsociable personality.

She echoed this again in October to fellow songbird Ari Lennox in their Apple Music conversation, aligned with the central theme of Walker’s album, Over It. Less manufactured than most series in which two artists who otherwise don’t know each other are forced to interact, Lennox and Walker’s chat feels like two new-yet-close friends bonding as they sip wine and reveal everything in life they’re currently over” and done with. Topics range from men, to waxing, to lace front wigs.

Summer Walker ‘s debut album, Over It, came out earlier this month — and it’s already broken records. The 23-year-old’s record became the most-streamed album by a woman R&B artist ever, breaking the record Beyoncé set with 2016’s Lemonade. What’s all the buzz about? Music critic Briana Younger of The New Yorker went in on the album’s standout songs to unpack her appeal.

But all of that—as Elle and others have since pointed out —was basically tossed out the proverbial window by convinced fans when Hailey Baldwin shared a screenshot to her Instagram of her currently-listened-to song: Summer Walker’s “I’ll Kill You,” featuring Jhené Aiko.

Over It” adds to the momentum Walker has been experiencing since she released her first mixtape last year, Last Day of Summer” and a follow-up EP, Clear,” earlier this year that she recorded live in an Atlanta treehouse she booked on Airbnb.

Fans were devastated when Summer confirmed her split from the acclaimed producer with a message on her Instagram stories on Monday. In a swiftly growing city full of newcomers, Atlanta native Summer Walker emerges with the raw, soulful energy that RnB devotees live for.

The reality is that love— R&B’s resilient emblem— is not always wrapped in a bow, and is easily the most volatile of all emotions. Walker, whether purposefully or not, is a superb example of broadcasting this both in the booth and day-to-day- her “messiness” (for lack of a better word) IRL and on social media reflects aspects about love we can’t necessarily enumerate, when love becomes difficult to grasp or understand but still, clicks.

Things have been looking great for the singer. Her album has topped Spotify and YouTube since it’s release Friday and is expected to make a nice debut on Billboard’s 200 charts. Summer Walker has the highest streamed R&B album created by a woman in history, as apart of her celebration she stopped by NPR for her Tiny Desk performance.

Photo Credit: Natalie Murray listens to Summer Walker’s Over It.” Art by Maxi Wardcantori. The singer’s highly-anticipated debut album features guest spots from artists like Usher and PARTYNEXTDOOR. It’s been one week since Summer Walker dropped her highly anticipated debut album Over It, and we’ve had the candid record on replay since.

Walker has been singing since she was at least 15, influenced by straight-talking soul singers like Jazmine Sullivan and the late Amy Winehouse. She taught herself to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos and perfected her honeyed voice on covers she posted online when she wasn’t cleaning houses or dancing.

The highs and lows weaved throughout Over It and the bodies of work that precede it are relayed in real time via social media. This appears to be an ironic circumstance at first glance, but a deep dive into her lyricism presents more clarification. Walker isn’t afraid to admit to being overzealous in a relationship, and not just with some radio-friendly hook that barely scratches the surface.

While on her First & Last Tour, the singer promptly announced her breakup with boyfriend and Over It executive producer London on Da Track before reversing the decision with a post that showed the Atlanta producer surprising Summer onstage with a stuffed animal and embrace before a throng of fans in London’s Electric Brixton venue.

With relentless R&B hits one after the other on the 18-track project, Walker slows down on track seven with Fun Girl,” a melancholy, raw, unedited piece that tears at every young woman’s heart who’s felt put down by society for not being the correct” blueprint of a woman. Merely using her vocals and a haunting electric guitar, she closes the track by softly repeating Life’s unfair” after highlighting how the world cannot accept women who live for themselves, and in turn try to make them feel inferior.

On Stretch You Out,” Walker tells her man she would rather enjoy a night in bed with him than deal with his stress. That raw, straightforward point of view, reminiscent of Mary J. Blige‘s hardened approach to rap-influenced soul, earned the 23-year-old Atlanta native 1 billion streams before she even dropped her debut album.

A clip of R&B sensation Summer Walker’s performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk went viral this past week after critics labeled it lackluster. Not only did that assessment dismiss the decidedly somber aesthetic the singer has crafted over time, it also exemplified a widespread disregard for Black women struggling with their mental health.

But Over It” isn’t just an album of ’90s R&B nostalgia; it also showcases a young woman unafraid to interrogate her own faulty judgment when it comes to love — like scaring a boyfriend by waving a gun at him — or expose her every frustration and desire.

Walker’s Instagram feed is rife with posts that showcase the singer’s personality. She posts freely about her anxieties and her bad days to her 1.3 million followers, and she peels back the curtain on how she’s processing fame in real-time, from feeling overwhelmed about touring to posting the DMs she gets from Drake (he told her a track from her new album inspired him to record two songs at 7:30 in the morning).

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