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So come out here and catch 30 years if you want to, trying to do that shit you think sweet. The rapper born Terry Wallace fell in love with hip-hop in high school, forming a group called All Stars Ball Hard with three friends.

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TEE GRIZZLEYI be robbin, I be lootin, I be stealin.” At first glance you might think Terry Wallace Jr. is projecting a hard persona on the song Sweet Thangs” to build up his Tee Grizzley persona, but Grizz has actually done time for armed robbery in Kentucky and Michigan. The recent tragic death of Tee Grizzley’s aunt, who was also his manager, has reportedly caused the rapper to reevaluate his security measures. Last week, the 25-year-old rapper was reportedly traveling in his hometown of Detroit when someone opened fire on his vehicle. In the melee, 41-year-old Jobina Brown lost her life, and in these days following, Tee Grizzley, real name Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., has paid tribute to the loved one he’s lost.

Hours after Lizzo’s hit single “Truth Hurts” made history on the Billboard Hot 100, the Texas native decided to clear the air on a cloud of plagiarism claims. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (Oct. 23), the 31-year-old addressed songwriter Justin Raisen’s statement that she lifted the line “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that bitch” from a 2017 studio session. The lyric was reportedly inspired by singer Mina Lioness’ tweet that became a meme, who Lizzo states recently received a credit.

But that wasn’t all. Later in the day, Jay-Z name-dropped Grizzley in a flurry of tweets about the rap game, going as far as to call First Day Out” the song best out there.” The single would go on to climb the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at 48, and garner over 100 million views on YouTube.

Born into an abusive household with parents who were in and out of prison, Grizzley wasn’t dealt the best hand. But he never smoked, drank, none of that, and always got good grades,” a lifestyle he attributes to his faith.

The Detroit rapper talks bluntly about the prison system, the rap industry, being in the studio with Kanye, and his new Timbaland-helmed album. Tee Grizzley is mourning the loss of his manager after his car was riddled with bullets Tuesday night as he rode around Detroit.TEE GRIZZLEY

Metro Times spoke with a Detroit Police Department spokesperson who declined to confirm if the shooting involved Terry Wallace Jr., aka Tee Grizzley, citing privacy policies of the names of those involved.

Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., known professionally as Tee Grizzley, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. He is best known for his singles “First Day Out”, “No Effort”, “Colors”, and “From the D to the A”.

Tee Grizzley, a former student at Michigan State University, released his debut single, “First Day Out,” in 2016, shortly after being released from prison. The video has been viewed nearly 100 million times on YouTube. He is a signed artist with Atlantic Records.

Tee probably didn’t mean anything by his statement in the song, he just used the wrong analogy in voicing his opinion. People in Chicago take their names and situations very seriously. I think he made a mistake and learned from it”.

Police are currently investigation the shooting. Officials are unsure if Grizzley was the gunman’s intended target. People from across hip-hop have stepped forward to show support for Tee Grizzley. See what hip-hop is saying below.

It’s a few of them. One was I Remember” with YFN Lucci. One was Set the Record Straight” and Fuck It Off” with Chris Brown. Time” with Jeezy. Two Vaults” with Yachty. It’s a lot of songs on there that I thought people would like. As far as the process of making them, I would bring my lifestyle to the studio. Instead of hanging out, messing with females, and hanging with my mans, I brought them to the studio. So I’m just working and that made it comfortable for me.

According to TMZ, a gunman opened fire on the rapper’s car, and his 41-year-old aunt and manager, Jobina “JB” Brown, was hit in the backseat. Grizzley, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and the driver were reportedly unharmed.

Tee Grizzley was arrested for an attempted robbery at a jewelry store in Lexington, Kentucky. A customer in the store ended up pulling a gun on the Detroit rapper and held them there until the cops came.

Grizzley, 25, whose real name is Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., was with his aunt Jobina JB” Brown, who was also his manager, when a gunman opened fire on the car he was riding in, TMZ reported. The aunt and manager of rapper Tee Grizzley was shot dead while riding in the rapper’s car in Detroit on Tuesday.

Hov tweeted about the Detroit artist saying that Tee Grizzley inspired the creation of 4:44. Blogger DJ VonTV identified Grizzley’s aunt as the woman killed in the shooting. He was never really involved in gang life as a kid and stayed on the right path for the most of his life. However, Tee’s mother and father were in and out of the prison a lot when he was young.

Tee Grizzley grew up in the Joy Road area of Detroit. Mainly raised by his grandmother, when Tee Grizzley was coming up as a youngin’, he was exposed to the street life — drugs addicts, alcoholics, drug dealers, and constant violence.

In recent years, Grizzley reached out to the victims of the robbery, offering to reimburse them. Some reached out to the rapper and some items have been returned. According to 247Sports , the police investigation estimated that $10,000 was taken in case and another $10,000 in electronics.

After his release, Grizzley had a hit song First Day Out,” which hit No. 48 on the Billboard Hot 100. His song gained plenty of attention and earned support from longtime rap and hip hop artist Jay-Z, as well as NBA star LeBron James.

It’s like being on an island. It’s like being stranded on an island. You gotta get your own food, you gotta wash up, get your own hygiene and stuff, start your own fights, build your own house. But you don’t know how to do none of that stuff. But you gotta do it. Now, you got people back in cities that can help you, they can send you care packages, they can send you tents and portable houses and—they can send you anything. But they not doing it. And they know that you here. And you reaching out, Hey, I need help over here!” and ain’t nobody helping you, they just act like they can’t hear you. And you in here with a whole bunch of strangers and everybody is pissed. It’s madness everywhere. At any point in time anything is going on. To the point where you would never make it back to your city again, you would be staying on this island forever. That’s how it is.

MEAWW reported hours before the shooting that the rapper had released a song titled, Next Up” with Sada Baby on Soundcloud. Before you hit play on the record, here are five things about Tee Grizzley you ought to know.

I don’t try to be politically correct. Like, I’ma make this for the radio and this for the club.” No. I’ma make this for people and if they like it enough, it’s gonna get played on the radio and in the club anyway. With First Day Out,” I wasn’t shooting for radio sounds. I was pushing for people to love it. Because if they people love it, people gonna go to the club and request it. Go for what people love to hear.

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley scored a viral hit with his debut single, “First Day Out,” which appeared on YouTube in late 2016. The song’s raw lyrical approach and visceral storytelling connected with millions of fans and put Grizzley on the map. Within months of the release of his 2017 mixtape My Moment, the rapper was signed to a major label and on tour with 21 Savage. Multiple mixtapes and studio work like 2018’s Activated cemented his reputation as a ruthless lyricist and a powerful force in his era of rap.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: Rapper Tee Grizzley’s car was reportedly shot at in a drive-by shooting, which has led to the death of his manager, who is also his aunt. While there has been no official confirmation from Grizzley’s side, various media reports suggest the manager suffered fatal injuries.

Born into an abusive household with parents who were in and out of prison, Grizzley wasn’t dealt the best hand. But he never smoked, drank, none of that, and always got good grades,” a lifestyle he attributes to his faith.

Tee Grizzley is not a revolutionary, nor a prophet, nor a role model. He’s just a rapper who’s trying to do better today than he did yesterday or the day before. Intentionally or not though he’s become someone that people from around his way in the D can look up to and say Look what he overcame to get where he is now, and he’s not being fake about it neither so I can respect that.” If he didn’t have a certain swag to his flow and some good production to back him up the message would get lost in the music, but thanks to both providence and producers like Chopsquad DJ, Angel Lopez and Keanu Beats, Grizz has a story to tell you might want to hear.

The incident happened Tuesday night where a gunman opened fire on Grizzley’s Escalade. Grizzley was getting out of the car and another SUV approached and a passenger got out on foot, went up to Grizzley’s car and started shooting. One of the bullets hit his manager Jobina Brown, who was sitting in the back seat.

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