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Another divisive element was the constant presence of John Lennon ‘s new partner, Yoko Ono , whose attendance in the studio broke with the Beatles’ policy regarding wives and girlfriends not attending recording sessions.

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THE BEATLESThe Beatles just announced The Beatles: The Singles Collection, a limited edition, collectible box set containing 23 180-gram vinyl singles cut by Sean Magee from the original mono and stereo singles mix tapes. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” ends side one. It’s full of energetic sounds that span the entire left-to-right spectrum of stereo, bounce from lower to higher frequencies and include sweeps of white noise synthesizer sounds. These sounds gradually amass throughout the course of the song, the tension growing – until it suddenly stops: the point at which John Lennon decided the tape should be cut.

Ten of the album’s fourteen tracks were recorded in just one day – 11th February, 1963. These included a mixture of stage favourites and “Lennon-McCartney originals”. The four remaining songs had been committed to tape in 1962 having formed the B-side of their debut release and both sides of their second single. A slightly later recording of ‘Love Me Do’ to that previously released, was selected for the album. This version would also appear on a subsequent EP and later still on an American # 1 single in 1964.

Although the Beatles’ second film, Help!, was a much sillier and less sophisticated affair than their first feature, it too was a huge commercial success. By this time, though, the Beatles had nothing to prove in commercial terms; the remaining frontiers were artistic challenges that could only be met in the studio. They rose to the occasion at the end of 1965 with Rubber Soul, one of the classic folk-rock records. Lyrically, Lennon, McCartney, and even Harrison (who was now writing some tunes on his own) were evolving beyond boy-girl scenarios into complex, personal feelings. They were also pushing the limits of studio rock by devising new guitar and bass textures, experimenting with distortion and multi-tracking, and using unconventional (for rock) instruments like the sitar.

In the 1995 documentary Beatles Anthology, George explained that the Beatles came from the 1953 Marlon Brando film The Wild One. In this film, Brando plays a character called Johnny” and he has a motorcycle gang called “the Beetles” in it.

4. According to Paul McCartney , The Beatles were once called The Rainbows. 83. The End” from Abbey Road is notable for featuring Ringo Starr’s only drum solo on any Beatles album. 36. Running just 23 seconds long, Her Majesty” is the shortest Beatles song to be released on an album.

Revolver is released in the U.K. and goes straight to number one on the British album chart. The Let It Be album and movie, having been released in the months following The Beatles’ breakup, have often been viewed in the context of the struggle the band was going through at that time.

The rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, for example, walked naked over the zebra crossing with white socks draped over their private parts, for their EP, The Abbey Road. The Simpsons, Teletubbies, Star Wars characters, assorted Disney figures and others have been immortalized on zebra crossings.

As it happened, McCartney and John Lennon considered only one offer during their post-Beatles years together — and it was easily the cheapest of the lot. It was during the April 24, 1976, episode of Saturday Night Live” when producer Lorne Michaels took to the airwaves and made a pitch for the band to reunite. The National Broadcasting Company has authorized me to offer you this check to be on our show,” he said , holding up a certified check for $3,000 — far less than they had received for their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show” in February 1964.

Ironically, Paul recalls everyone telling the band what a lousy name Beatles” was and urging them to change it. Paul himself says he remembers John and Stu running up to him and anxiously telling him how they had thought of the name Beatles” the previous night.

Sir Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney , the two surviving members of The Beatles, are joining forces to cover a John Lennon song. In 1960, the group first performed officially as The Beatles at the Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool. The groups members at the time were Paul McCartney, Pete Best, George Harrison, and John Lennon.

I was relieved to discover the reality is very different to the myth,” continues Jackson, After reviewing all the footage and audio that Michael Lindsay-Hogg shot 18 months before they broke up, it’s simply an amazing historical treasure-trove. Sure, there’s moments of drama – but none of the discord this project has long been associated with. Watching John, Paul, George, and Ringo work together, creating now-classic songs from scratch, is not only fascinating – it’s funny, uplifting and surprisingly intimate”.

The album Please Please Me is released in the U.S. , but is titled Introducing the Beatles. The release is a flop. A general view of the ‘Abbey Road Studio’ room is seen at the Beatlemania exhibition on May 28, 2009 in Hamburg, Germany.

The Beatles cross an intersection single file. In the background, a white Volkswagen Beetle. The photo made music history – as did the “Abbey Road” album for which it was taken, the last recorded by The Beatles.

15. John Lennon , got the inspiration for the Beatles song Good Morning Good Morning” from a TV commercial for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. The jingle in the commercial went: Good morning, good morning, The best to you each morning, Sunshine Breakfast, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Crisp and full of fun”.

They forged a binding union while playing long hours in Hamburg – sometimes with a talented drummer named Ringo Starr – and at Liverpool’s now-legendary Cavern Club in 1961, the band hooked up with manager Brian Epstein, who brought them (plus Ringo) to producer George Martin. Under his tutelage the band were ready to take on all comers, changing their sound with each new release.

Over 50 years after the The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ first stormed the charts, the Fab Four’s iconic double-album achieved 24-time Platinum-certified status – making it the fourth-highest certified release in US history.

The Beatles give their last group performance on Jan. 30, 1969, just two days before the decade ends, in a rooftop session during filming for Let It Be. In April, McCartney announces he’s leaving the band. The legal dissolution occurs January 2, 1975.

Not long after the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band , Epstein was found dead of an overdose of sleeping pills. All four of The Beatles were at a meeting of the International Meditation Society in Bangor, North Wales at the time, pursuing their interest in Eastern mysticism. This fascination came primarily from George, and the following year the whole band joined him at a retreat in India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi , an Indian mystic who had founded a movement known as Transcendental Meditation.

The early Beatles albums were released separately in the U.K. and the U.S. The U.K. versions invariably contained 14 songs, while the U.S. versions would contain 12. In addition, they would release numerous singles which would not appear on any U.K. album, but which would be packaged with the songs which were unreleased in the U.S., thus guaranteeing extra album sales in the U.S. With the advent of the CD, this difference would be rectified by making the U.K. versions the standard albums, and the addition of two singles and rarities compilations, Past Masters: Volume One and Past Masters: Volume Two , would make the collection complete.

Work had begun on the recording in late 1966 and at one stage it was thought that both Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever would also be included but when these were released as a single in February, that idea was abandoned.

Exactly 50 years later, Abbey Road is being re-released. George Martin’s son Giles took the tapes and remixed and remastered the songs with Dolby Surround Sound. In addition to the hits Here Comes the Sun and Come Together, it includes a version of Oh! Darling that sounds completely new. The anniversary edition is being marketed on vinyl and CD and in a deluxe box with DVD, Blu-ray and additional demos and audios from session tapes.

So much has been said and written about the Beatles – and their story is so mythic in its sweep – that it’s difficult to summarize their career without restating clichés that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans. To start with the obvious, they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era, and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century. Moreover, they were among the few artists of any discipline that were simultaneously the best at what they did and the most popular at what they did. Relentlessly imaginative and experimental, the Beatles grabbed hold of the international mass consciousness in 1964 and never let go for the next six years, always staying ahead of the pack in terms of creativity but never losing their ability to communicate their increasingly sophisticated ideas to a mass audience. Their supremacy as rock icons remains unchallenged to this day, decades after their breakup in 1970.

The album’s famous cover photograph depicts the band strolling away from EMI Recording Studios, the space where it had recorded the vast majority of its music. And save for the 1970 release of the Let It Be” soundtrack, Abbey Road” was effectively the Beatles’ final achievement as a foursome, their last message to a global audience that had watched them evolve from four mop tops into the finest and most successful musical craftsmen of their generation.

The Beatles were a legendary rock group that formed in Liverpool, England, in 1960, and went on to transform popular music as a creative, highly commercial art form over the next decade. The Beatles were one of the most popular bands of all time, producing songs like “Yesterday, “Hey Jude,” “Penny Lane, “With A Little Help From My Friends,” “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown),” “Day Tripper” and “Come Together.” Learn more about the “Fab Four”—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr—by exploring our Beatles collection.

The band was formed in Liverpool during the 1950s explosion of both rock ‘n’ roll and skiffle. John Lennon was leading a band of schoolmates called The Quarrymen, and met a cocksure guitarist and singer called Paul McCartney, whose blossoming talents seemed to rival his own. They worked together, quality controlling each other’s songs and pushing the other on to new musical peaks. Paul brought in a hard-to-impress young guitarist called George Harrison, and the trio set about finding gigs (and drummers, where possible).

The Beatles and that album helped make Abbey Road one of the most famous studios in the world. But Paul McCartney has said that when they first started recording here, they weren’t even allowed in the front floor and had to use a side entrance.

14. Love Me Do” was primarily written by Paul McCartney in 1958-1959 while truant from school at age 16. John Lennon contributed the middle eight. Their practice at the time was to scribble songs in a school notebook, dreaming of stardom, always writing Another Lennon-McCartney Original” at the top of the page.

When Beatles fans call Revolver their favorite album, they have plenty to support the pick. From the heavy George Harrison opener Taxman” to Paul McCartney‘s Here, There and Everywhere” and John Lennon’s I’m Only Sleeping ,” the band was at or near its peak on this record.

The morning of August 8, 1969: A section of London’s Abbey Road near the EMI studios is the scene of a brief photo shoot. There’s only light traffic, which has been blocked by a policeman. No fans to be seen: They’ll only turn up in the afternoon when The Beatles meet in the studio for the recording sessions for the Abbey Road album, as they do every day. It’s 11:30 am. Linda McCartney stands on the street and takes pictures of four Beatles in a mildly good mood and getting ready to cross the street for that famous photo.

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