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In 2014, up-and-coming EDM duo the Chainsmokers unleashed the “#Selfie” heard round the world. Having already dominated the radio and streaming game, the Chainsmokers are now setting sights on the live-music experience.

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THE CHAINSMOKERSThe duo, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart , joined JAJA Tequila as partners to celebrate the launch of Anejo on Tuesday (October 1) at Paul’s Baby Grand in New York City. The California Honeydrops, fronted by Polish-born trumpeter, singer and guitarist Lech Wierzynski, cut their teeth as buskers on the Oakland subway system. Taking many of their musical cues from New Orleans, they evolved their own sort of R&B, soul and blues hybrid, with saxophone, electric keyboards, a washboard and a homemade gutbucket bass” all playing a part. After more than a decade together, they’ve released a string of albums and toured all over the world, including stints as Bonnie Raitt’s opening act in 2016 and 2017. Onstage is where the band shines. Check out the YouTube video of Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You,” from a 2016 performance in Chicago, for a taste of the airtight groove, deep-seated soul and inherent sense of fun in the band’s music. The band’s most recent release is the 2018 double album Call It Home Vol. 1 & 2.” The California Honeydrops headline Tipitina’s on Halloween Eve.

Pall and Taggart spoke with the Free Press ahead of last week’s World War Joy Tour kickoff in Cincinnati. Ultimately, for the World War Joy tour, the Chainsmokers are less a musical act than a spectacle. I give The Chainsmokers’ World War Joy tour at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Sept. 28 3 ½ out of 5 stars.

This collaboration between the Chainsmokers and powerhouse vocalist Daya will not disappoint (or let you down, to be more specific). Their first single to hit top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, Don’t Let Me Down” has it all-heartfelt and relatable lyrics, killer vocals from then 17-year-old Daya and of course, a speaker-shattering beat drop. If you weren’t singing this song at the the top of your lungs at least once in 2016, it’s not too late.

However, despite intentions to stay behind the scenes, Taggart seems to have been drawn to another facet of music, and it’s one that has worked for him and for collaborator Pall. The Chainsmokers have grown a lot from their beginnings in the club scene to their nationally televised performance Sunday. That performance showed a big jump from the days of “#Selfie,” too. It seems like both Taggart and Pall are pushing forward into new success.

Subsequent recordings by the duo displayed a more thoughtful, considered side to The Chainsmokers’ songwriting abilities and the band have been quick to capitalise on their success. The single ‘Paris’ released in early 2017 received over 270 million streams and the official video which featured fashion model Marsha Hunt generated over a million hits on You Tube. The duo continue to rack up impressive statistics amongst their Internet fan base – the single ‘Something Just Like This’, a collaborative effort with Coldplay, received over nine million plays in a single day.

I’m using the Virtual Mix Rack plug-in from Stephen Slate on the master bus. I love that, and it’s just adding some thickness. It gives the entire song a little bit more warmth in the bottom end. I did something on this song, and on ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ as well, which I have never done before, which was to have sections in the volume automation where I push the entire mix in the drops up half a decibel. We wanted the drops to hit a little harder, and that was a subtle but effective way to add extra punch and impact.

Got these tickets for a great price and for a friends birthday because she loves the chainsmokers. When I found out Lennon Stella in 5SOS were opening this made it even easier for me to go along with her. we had a great time and I will definitely see them again sometime soon.

The only part of the concert that I thoroughly enjoyed was when 5 Seconds of Summer came on stage to perform Who Do You Love,” that one song you heard on top-40 radio stations at least three times a day over the summer. Unlike The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart, who looks like he could’ve been randomly plucked off of Frat Row minutes before the show, Luke Hemmings of 5SOS is an incredible vocalist and frontman. He brought energy to the stage that I desperately desired for the rest of The Chainsmokers’ set.

Once the Chainsmokers judge that the vocal recordings and music for a song are complete, Taggart sends Swivel his entire Ableton session, exported as Wave files, which the Canadian then imports to Pro Tools. The screenshots for ‘Closer’ therefore show a large amount of stem tracks, indicating they are Taggart’s treatments of these tracks. In part because of this, there are very few plug-ins on the stem instrument tracks in Swivel’s mix session. The vocal tracks, by contrast, often have tons of processing.

The production is, to put it mildly, excessive. But, given The Chainsmokers’ tour competition in 2019, like Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake, the tour is merely keeping up with the Joneses. In this video with Future Magazine in wich they show the making of roses, we can clearly see at minute 19.53 that they are using waves cla vocals.

I also like using the RVox as a second compressor, to really tame the vocal. It just brings it right out in front and sticks the vocal in your face. I usually am pretty subtle with the RVox, but every once and a while I’ll slam it and you get this really cool sound. I learned that from Pensado’s Place. Finally, the SPL Vitalizer again adds some sheen to these vocals. The ‘Halsey Delay’ track adds four delays at the end of the song, with the second one pitched down with Auto-Tune. You can get some cool things by pitching down the vocals in Auto-Tune and changing the throat length and things like that.

The Chainsmokers, as mentioned, still uses guest singers. But Taggart took up the microphone and have given the group an identifiable face and voice to go with the music. His voice gives The Chainsmokers an identifiable musical DNA from one hit to the next.

Its members are Alexander Pall and Drew Taggart. Taggart grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine (USA). He was a scholarly teen who founded an investment club for his fellow students to learn about handling money and taxes. Pall is the son of a New York art dealer; he spent his teen years throwing parties.

The Chainsmokers World War Joy Tour is marching toward Connecticut. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart take the stage at Mohegan Sun Arena Saturday, Sept. 28, with special guests 5 Seconds of Summer and Lennon Stella.

It’s safe to say Pall and his Chainsmokers cohort, Drew Taggart, have made good on that goal. The Chainsmokers’ songs have been streamed upwards of 5 billion times and, according to Forbes 2019 annual list of the highest-paid celebrities, this year the duo dethroned Calvin Harris as the best-compensated DJs on the planet.

PALL: Thanks to Instagram, I can tell you exactly what it is. From what I see on social media, it’s becoming more international, which is really exciting for us. We’re seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa. It seems like we’re reaching the 16 to 25 demographic. It’s pretty split between boys and girls if I had to guess. What’s really cool for us is when we see messages from people like, Hey, my daughter’s six years old and she loves your songs,” and they send a video of them singing it. Or even my mom walked into the room humming Roses,” which is really cool because it shows that our music is transcending age in general. We make music for ourselves, and it’s really exciting that everyone else is enjoying it enough that they find some emotional connection to it. So we don’t care what you look like or how old you are, how young you are, it’s just that our music makes you feel a certain way.

Two years after breaking big with Memories … Do Not Open,” the debut album whose partners ranged from Coldplay to Florida Georgia Line, The Chainsmokers are fresh into a continent-crossing tour, including a Thursday stop at Little Caesars Arena.

I also have the Waves SSL compressor and L2 on that master track, but they are deactivated. When I send mixes out for approval, I will send it with a basic SSL compressor on it, to tighten up the overall mix, nothing crazy, and then the L2 to bring it up to a nice loud volume. But I don’t like to master songs. I work with the best mastering engineers in the world, and Chris Derringer at Sterling Sound mastered this song. He’s amazing, and does a better job than me. I make sure I give mastering engineers a clean mix with enough headroom and no limiting or compression, so they have lots of space to work with, and I then let them do what they do. I work closely with Chris, and we always get great results.

Below Drew’s lead vocal tracks is a track called ‘Audio 1′, whose output goes to the ‘Rev Verb’ track below. I used that to create reverse reverb effects in three places in the song, each time leading into Drew’s hook vocal. Many engineers do this. I took the word ‘baby’ from the phrase ‘baby pull me closer’ and I dropped that on a new track, on which I have all the plug-ins I also have on Halsey’s vocals, plus the Lexicon hall reverb. I then reversed the word ‘baby’ and printed it with the reverb. I then reversed that again, meaning the word ‘baby’ is in the right direction, but the reverb is reversed, and you get this crescendo reverb just before the hook. It’s just a bit of ear candy. I think each one of them is slightly different.

It worked. Closer” stayed at #1 for 12 straight weeks, one of only 17 songs in history to last that long atop the Hot 100, and was still in the top 10 as recently as last month. It became the Chainsmokers’ signature song and, perhaps to her dismay, Halsey’s too. (Sorry, New Americana ” fans.) At the time it seemed like just one more evolution in the Chainsmokers formula, the added wrinkle this time being the addition of Taggart on vocals. Less than a year later, with the hits piling up and a #1 album imminent, it seems more like the Chainsmokers attaining their final form.

Drew is trying things out all the time in Ableton Live and being dope and getting great sounds. For example, on the Chainsmokers’ web site there’s an online tutorial in which he explains how he got the guitar sound in ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. Fender Telecaster DI into Apogee Duet, recorded into Ableton Live, treated with Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig plug-in set to the Arpeggio Delay preset, and the guitar then pitched up an octave. It shows how hard he works on his productions. They are both very talented and do a lot of the polishing themselves, and when Drew sends me his stems, they are in pretty decent shape.

PALL: We’ve had a bunch of dark times personally that we’ve been pretty open about with our fans. We’ve obviously had a lot of amazing times. I feel like we’ve kind of come into our own as human beings over everything in this past year, and I think that’s reflective in our music. With “World War Joy,” its oxymoronic nature lends itself to what we’ve been through, and how we feel, and now it’s the celebration of it all.

Finally, there are three ‘air’ tracks, which are yours truly on backing vocals! While mixing I felt that the song needed more air in the background in a number of places, and so I sang this falsetto vocal three times, put Auto-Tune on, the RDe-esser, the SSL Channel, the Doubler, and in once case the Lexicon plate reverb, and the SPL Vitalizer and hall reverb in the other two. The first one sits in the middle and the other two are panned hard left and right around it.

And no one embodies EDM’s pop penetration more than The Chainsmokers, the New York duo whose dance-floor beats, radio-ready hooks and VIP collaborations have made the group one of the era’s reigning acts. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are DJs who figured out the art of the stadium spectacle, with Taggart stepping out front as singer for a show that’s as much rock concert as rave.

As Pall recalled, given how they were primarily remixing popular songs and releasing them on their SoundCloud page at the time, it was a definite shock to them when their careers began taking off. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are DJs who figured out the art of the stadium spectacle, with Taggart stepping out front as singer for a show that’s as much rock concert as rave.

By comparison, there are very few treatments on Halsey’s hook vocals, which only have Auto-Tune, the SSL Channel, and the Doubler. Similarly, Drew’s backing vocals also have these plug-ins, and some Lexicon plate reverb. I’m using the SSL Channel to get rid of some high end on some of the tracks, because they were a little too bright, and had different effects on each of them to make sure they were not too similar.

Both Pall and Taggart have a music education background. Pall was a student at New York University and majored in art history and music business; Taggart attended Syracuse University’s prestigious Bandier Program, which focuses on the business of combining music, media, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

This EDM-pop duo broke through with its 2014 tune, #Selfie,” which hit the Top 20 in multiple countries. The guys went on to win a Grammy Award, two American Music Awards and seven Billboard Music Awards, among other honors.

Too Much Techno for me so much so that it took me a while to recognized some of their hit songs. If you like musical instruments versus synthesizers and computer generated sounds you will be dissappointed. The cage, motor cycles and flames are for Vagas. For me flames are dated and the ash in the air made it difficult to breathe. It was a dissappointing concert for me considering the i have be to over 30 concerts this year.

The duo wasted no time in announcing their third album, World War Joy , along with their second arena tour set for the Fall of 2019. The first single off the album, Who Do You Love” with Australian pop-rock group 5 Seconds of Summer became an instant hit, rising up the charts and currently peaking at the number 54 position.

Takeaway” follows the release of The Chainsmokers’ single, Call You Mine,” featuring Bebe Rexha, which has accumulated more than 175 million global streams. The duo is also known for Who Do You Love,” featuring 5 Seconds of Summer, from its World War Joy album. The album is being created one song at a time over the course of this year.

Showcasing the band’s roots of electronic dance music, this break out hit is sure to get any crowd ready for a great show. This great song illustrates how superficial parts of our culture have become while celebrating our selfie” culture. #SELFIE” introduced the world to The Chainsmokers and how to laugh at ourselves a little.

In 2014, up-and-coming EDM duo the Chainsmokers unleashed the “#Selfie” heard round the world. The catchy club anthem was an international sensation, taking the world by storm with its hilarious send-up of self-obsessed internet culture and landing on charts around the globe. With their synth-heavy productions, hilarious stage antics, and party-ready DJ sets, the Chainsmokers have quickly become a must-see live act that fans of adrenaline-filled dance music won’t want to miss on tour.THE CHAINSMOKERS

When Drew comes to me with a production that they feel is mostly done, in the first instance it’s my job to poke holes in it, and point out places where I think it can be better. If he agrees, he’ll go back to his Ableton session and he’ll make adjustments, and will export those and I’ll load those back in my session. There’s this expression, ‘We’ll fix it in the mix,’ and sometimes you can, but where possible I prefer to go back to the production session and tweak stuff in that. For example, in ‘Closer’ there was a bass track that I didn’t feel was really working, and we listened to it together and he agreed. So he redid the bass in Ableton, by removing all the attack on it. This softened the bass, and made it sit much better with the kick.

Beyoncé is arguably the greatest artist of our generation, and I’m proud to have worked on a great body of work with her. But the intensity with which she works made it very difficult for me to maintain outside clients. After I had worked with her for a prolonged period of time, my other clients had found a replacement for me, because I had not been available. Also, she does not create in the way that for example Kanye does, who after he has done an album, even while touring, will continue working with other artists and recording things. When Beyoncé has done her record, she is gone. So there was a period after I stopped working with her at the end of 2012 during which I had to rebuild a lot of relationships that had sort of faded out.

The greatest number of plug-ins were used on Halsey’s voice, which typically passed through two Waves Renaissance De-essers, a Waves SSL Channel and Renaissance Vox, and the SPL Vitalizer plug-in. The first four vocal tracks are another example of Drew and I working together on the production. We decided that the last hook needed something to build it, so Drew sent me some vocal parts, which I chopped up and treated, again using the SSL Channel and also the Waves TrueVerb plug-in, and this resulted in these airy, spacey vocals you can hear at the end of the song that add a little extra lift. I used the TrueVerb, because the reverbs that I already had in the aux tracks at the bottom of the session didn’t give me what I wanted.

One of the more subdued offerings from The Chainsmokers, this track will probably make you want to pack your bags, don a beret and book the next flight to Europe. Redefined by the Chainsmokers themselves in their lyric music video, Paris is: a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine” and an irrevocable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams.” So yes, that random flight to Europe is total doable.

However, despite intentions to stay behind the scenes, Taggart seems to have been drawn to another facet of music, and it’s one that has worked for him and for collaborator Pall. The Chainsmokers have grown a lot from their beginnings in the club scene to their nationally televised performance Sunday. That performance showed a big jump from the days of “#Selfie,” too. It seems like both Taggart and Pall are pushing forward into new success.

Before The Chainsmokers concert at Capital One Arena on Tuesday, I had never been to a full-on EDM concert. I had never immersed myself in the horrific world of beep boop music” and crazed MDMA-fueled dancing. So I decided to give the electropop giants a chance and lean into the experience … but my open mind didn’t last long.

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