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I’ve been living here now for eleven years or something. Formed in 2006, The Menzingers made their debut with 2007’s A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology and relocated to Philly in 2008.

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The MenzingersThe Menzingers are back for their sixth LP and it’s definitely another gem from a band that personally can do no wrong. Below you will find lyrics, music video and translation of High School Friend – The Menzingers in various languages. The music video with the song’s audio track will automatically start at the bottom right. To improve the translation you can follow this link or press the blue button at the bottom.

With hype building, Epitaph Records signed the act, going on to release their third album through the popular punk label, titled “On the Impossible Past, released in 2012. The album was voted album of the year on a number of online media outlets, including “Rented World” followed, being released in April 2014.

The Menzingers quickly incepted on the back of a supportive local scene and a debut album displaying what was described as some of the best melodies this style’s heard in ages” By 2008, May and Barnett had moved to Philadelphia to pursue higher education , and by 2010, the band were fully based in the City of Brotherly Love.

Reflecting on the muscular, spick-and-span presentation of After The Party, the decision was made to leave a few more rough edges in place on Hello Exile. It’s a call that brings added warmth to songs like Anna, the lead single and a lament for an absent lover, while delivering the requisite propulsion for May’s Strawberry Mansion, a furious screed about the need for action on climate change.

A pop music review on Thursday about the album After the Party” by the Menzingers misidentified the member of the band who wrote and sang lead on the track Thick as Thieves.” He is Tom May, not Greg Barnett.

The punk veterans on Teles, tasty” Les Pauls – and why they’ve finally embraced their classic-rock influences on their raw new album. Exciting news! The Menzingers have confirmed that they have finished recording their new album.

Looking at the road ahead, it’s hard to know whose footsteps The Menzingers should follow. All of the bands they’ve looked up to and cite as influences have faced problems of their own. Their Turnpike brethren in The Gaslight Anthem went on indefinite hiatus after their fifth album. Against Me! still endure, but have gone through their share of member changes over the years. The Menzingers have maintained the same lineup since the band’s inception, and have never gone more than three years without releasing a new album.

Also featuring local breakout bands like Tigers Jaw ; Captain, We’re Sinking ; Three Man Cannon ; and Petal that have gone on to achieve national and even worldwide success, the yearly Christmas concert was a way for The Menzingers to give back to the area that raised them and greatly influenced their music by raising money for Arts Alive , an intensive arts institute for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Hailing from Scranton in Pennsylvania The Menzingers are currently at the fore front of a new breed of punk rock bands. Punk rock bands that combine the energy and in your face attitude of their influences but also a higher degree of musicianship that make their songs stand out not just live but also on record.

As they did while making 2017’s After The Party, the band decamped to producer Will Yip’s Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania for an extended period of time. Across six weeks, they finessed a collection that spans anthemic road songs, Full Moon Fever-style acoustic layers and the pogo-ready punk they cut their teeth on.

Direct support Rozwell Kid was an ill fit for the bill. In a nine-song, 30-minute set, it sounded most like Weezer, with perhaps new wave and Thin Lizzy guitar thrown in. While it wasn’t bad, necessarily, it was the rock-star posing that was pretty much the antithesis of real punk.

Scranton, N.J.-based punk outfit The Menzingers have unveiled details of their forthcoming sixth studio album Hello Exile, set for release Oct. 4 via Epitaph.

The Menzingers have announced a new album. On October 4 the Philadelphia punk band will release Hello Exile via Epitaph The album was produced by Will Yip and features songs about high-school hellraising, troubled relationships, aging and alcohol and political ennui,” according to a press release. The first single is titled Anna,” and you can check it out below, along with the album’s tracklist. That’s the album’s artwork above.

The Menzingers are an American punk rock band formed in 2006 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, comprised of Greg Barnett , Tom May , Eric Keen and Joe Godino. Noted for their strong sense of melody and emotionally raw lyrics, the band has been considered one of the leading forces of the current American punk scene.

Hello Exile is the follow up to the band’s 2017 album After The Party. You can preorder it here and check out the full tracklist below. Pennsylvania punk band with roots in ska-punk and releases on Go-Kart and Epitaph.

There’s been no rest for Culture Abuse since the release of their 2018 triumph ‘Bay Dream’ – and that approach continues as the band closes out 2019 on a North American tour alongside The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw. In anticipation of kickoff, Culture Abuse have released a music video chock full of footage from their summer headline tour for their crowd-pleasing singalong single, ‘Calm E’. Filmed on Super 8 by Aaron McQueen (bassist of Dare, who supported the summer headline tour), the video makes it even harder to wait for Culture Abuse to be back on the road later next week.

Punk rock , more so than any other genre, comes with a built-in age limit. There’s only so long you can play weeknights at basement venues for a share of the door and travel expenses; only so many years your back can withstand so many nights on strangers’ sofas. Those that don’t age out, sell out: their youthful excesses repackaged to shill hatchbacks and low-fat spread. Thank god, then, for The Menzingers: a four-piece born in the Scranton, Pennsylvania punk scene who opted to channel their 30s into roots-rock with a latent edge, capturing the free-fall into adulthood proper with a certain deft magic.

Part of the problem with After The Party is that, unlike the records preceding it, it comes off as The Menzingers settling comfortably into a sound. Lookers” perfectly encapsulates what the band is going for—offering a song that’s a little softer, cleaner, and altogether more adult. It works because it’s honest, tapping into the emotions of aging while performing for a room of balding punks. A record of this stuff could be a great look for The Menzingers, but despite hinting at the premise with the album’s title and its artwork’s downtrodden imagery, the band doesn’t commit to it.

After the Party,” the fifth album by the Menzingers, confronts the anxieties of growing older. The Menzingers’ new album Hello Exile is due out October 4 via Epitaph Records.

The Menzingers: For me, I think that it has to be. I think it’s a big statement piece on the record. It feels like, to not do it, would be strange in a live setting. I’m really looking forward to playing it live, because it’s a really fun song to play. Everyone I’ve talked to really likes the song. I definitely want to play it live.

After the Party’s sophisticated yet emotionally raw songwriting also owes much to The Menzingers’ broadening their palette of influences in recent years. May, for instance, mined inspiration from the off-kilter song structure of Regina Spektor. Listening to her made me realize that you can go in with an idea and build the song around that, without it really having to go anywhere in particular,” he notes. Barnett, on the other hand, found himself swayed by their bus driver’s constant spinning of Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell on a summer 2015 tour of Europe. You can say what you want about Meat Loaf, but his ability to craft catchy melodies is absolutely insane, where there’s ten of the strongest melodies ever written all just in one song,” says Barnett.

After the Party” is the fifth full-length album by his band, the Menzingers, a shaggy punk band from Scranton, Pa., that for more than a decade has been snotty but not wistful, driven and not much for the rearview mirror. It has honed an extremely reliable and almost romantic take on blue-collar rock, largely avoiding the lyrical in favor of throbbing, pulsing id.

As we were doing that, we were like, How fun would it be if we started a live series of playing dive bars?” There’s so many of them. We’ve got Fucked Up at Frankie’s. There’s a place in Lansing, Michigan called Mac’s Bar-Maxed Out at Mac’s. We have a list of like ten of them. Literally on Fire at the Fire. We were like, Why don’t we just go Replacements-style and get completely lit before the show and see what happens?” We did that at Frankie’s a couple years ago when we played there, and we recorded it, and it was horrendous. It was so fucking bad. It’s not even charming bad, where you’re like This is cool to listen back to.” It was just sloppy and bad and stupid stage banter. We weren’t finishing songs. It didn’t seem that way to the crowd, where they were like What am I watching?” It felt very organic while we were in there. It wasn’t as exciting as you’d hope it would be. We might have to do a take two of Fucked Up at Frankie’s or maybe we’ll release it.

Midwestern States” is especially guilty of lyrics that don’t fit the rhythms of the verse. The chorus sounds like All Time Low with laryngitis. It’s here when you may first start to realize The Menzingers’ songwriting isn’t quite up to the standard they’ve set for themselves in the past.

It perhaps was telling that not only was a good chunk of the set from After The Party” – nine songs – but that several of them both sounded most like The Clash and were among the night’s best.

The band’s best was when it offered bassist-singer Abby V. on vocals. She had an uninhibited style – a sometimes-snarling, often Joan Jett-sounding female element that was fresh and interesting.

Proving the punk obsession managed to escape the confines of California, Pennsylvania outfit The Menzingers are doing punk rock in their own way. In less than a decade they have recorded and released four solid albums packed full of punk inspired gems adored by critics globally and have toured extensively. The lack of commerciality does not effect either the group or the fans as they both live for the live shows and getting to share the music together.

Most fans hopped on the Menzingers train around their breakout album, 2012’s On The Impossible Past, a masterpiece of mid-twenties misadventures. The album is a young person’s idea of what it means to feel old. It’s when Barnett started noticing more Menzingers tattoos and when fans started telling him that his music has helped them transition into adulthood. He’s heard from more than a few people that the album’s love ballad Gates” has been used as a wedding song.

In a 75-minute set that packed in 20 songs with virtually no down time, The Menzingers packed the best of The Clash’s melody-driven punk with an added life perspective to deliver a great show that was a rare rock-vibe show at the venue.

The Menzingers’ Greg Barnett turned 31 this year, but his fans don’t need to be told that. On just about every record the Philadelphia band has released over the last 12 years, the singer and guitarist has alluded to how old he is and how he feels about it.

It helps that chief songwriters and vocalists Greg Barnett and Tom May sing like late-night drunks at a high school reunion. Barnett‘s the sloppy drunk, selling the hell out of contrived rhymes like if I come into your periphery, please just act like you don’t see me” on after-the-breakup anthem Strangers Forever”. It’s like our studio apartment’s just a place to keep your stuff,” he half-rages, half-laments on Anna”, a song about growing up – and growing apart – that packs a decade worth of regrets into a tight three and a half minutes. May is the angry drunk: set a course for the sun”, he bellows over a militaristic beat on Strawberry Mansion”, condemning humanity for its part in the climate crisis.

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