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There have been six official videos released: “Hush”, “Sober”, and “Prison Sex”, “Stinkfist”, “Ænema”, and “Schism.” “Hush” was directed by Ken Andrews of Failure, the next two were Adam with Fred Stuhr, and the latter two were directed by Adam.

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ToolTool not only mastered alt-metal with their 1992 debut EP Opiate, they gave an immediate indication of how they would advance the genre. WASH FIT is an adaptation of the water safety plan (WSP) approach, which is recommended in the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality as the most effective way of ensuring continuous provision of safe drinking-water. WASH FIT extends beyond water quality to address sanitation, hygiene, health care waste and other aspects of environmental health and health care facility management and staff empowerment. As such, it also draws upon WHO’s Sanitation Safety Planning as well as WHO recommendations for infection prevention and control. The guide contains a number of ready to use tools to help implement WASH FIT and step-by-step instructions for each stage.

If you’re wondering about “Cold and Ugly”: the original theory was that during this live recording, some guy with dreadlocks kept blowing an air horn, forcing the band to start over. A telephone hotline takes credit for this; it may have been Maynard kidding around with the singer from Green Jelly.

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A long long time ago, he was in a band called C.A.D. The Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty did record an album called “Fingernails”, but no recordings are for sale. You may find a bootlegged copy on Napster or Ebay.

Prime editing improves on CRISPR-Cas9 (and all of the tweaks researchers have made to it in the last seven years) in several crucial ways, Liu said. It can change any of DNA’s four nucleotides, or letters” — denoted A, T, C, and G — into any other, a total of 12 possibilities.

With Pink Floyd bowing before the beast this week and allowing Spotify to stream its music, one of the biggest digital-music holdouts has finally relented. The prog-psych colossus follows Bob Dylan, whose music was pulled from Spotify in 2009 before reappearing in January 2012, and Metallica, a longtime holdout which made its music available on Spotify last December.

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The molecules that accomplish prime editing’s genetic legerdemain have three parts. A guide RNA, which the Liu team calls pegRNA (where pe” stands for prime editing), makes a beeline for a pre-programmed spot on the genome. The pegRNA also contains nucleotides that will substitute for the disease-causing ones in the DNA target. The second component, a hobbled Cas9 enzyme, cuts one, but not both, strands of the DNA. The third component, an enzyme called reverse transcriptase that’s fused to Cas9, copies the RNA nucleotides carried by the pegRNA and transforms them into DNA nucleotides, which replace those at the target site.

Together, the newly christened Tool made enigmatic rock music that incorporated elements of metal and prog and tackled somber subject matter in their lyrics and with elaborate, artistic music videos. The group’s music resonated with audiences: Breakthrough songs such as “Sober” and “Stinkfist” were Top 20 rock radio hits, while 1996’s Ænima LP peaked at No. 2 on the charts and included “Ænema,” which won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Andrew Anzalone, also at the Broad Institute, created prime editing with Liu by giving Crispr-Cas9 an overhaul. The new system homes in on its target as before, but instead of chopping the DNA in half, it nicks it, and then writes a new section of DNA into the specified position.

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So glad they added the 2nd show to for Denver. I tried to get tickets last time they came to town, to no avail. This was the 2nd time I saw them and they are still FANTASTIC!!!!! The bass sound, the guitar riffs, the vocals and of course Danny Carey the living legend on drums made it happen once again! Thank you TOOL You guys have always been one of my favorite bands ever! If i could i’d add a 6th star to the rating.

Once rapper and business mogul Jay-Z bought the streaming service Tidal in 2015, it was only a matter of time until he started using his own impressive catalogue to entice subscribers. Earlier this month he pulled The Blueprint, his critically acclaimed sixth solo album, from every major digital service except Tidal. Some of his other major works, including Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint 3, are also Tidal-exclusive now.

But making enough tar to adorn even an unremarkable tool was undoubtedly difficult without pottery to collect the hot, pooling tar. It’s an ugly little piece, not even retouched or shaped,” Langejans says. That they hafted such a simple flake suggests they used adhesives on a regular basis.” Other evidence suggests Neanderthals used pine resin and bitumen as adhesives to stick stone points to wooden spears. This find and two tarred tools from Italy and Germany suggest our extinct cousins used birch bark tar as well. The discovery also adds to previous work showing Neanderthals could engage in complex tasks, including creating finely crafted stone blades and multipart spears.

Garth Brooks: The best-selling album artist in the U.S. in the SoundScan era (since 1991) is not only absent from streaming services like Spotify, but his music isn’t even available on iTunes. Brooks says it’s because he believes so strongly in the album, which he says is a reflection of who the artist is at that time.” Like Metallica, Brooks owns his own master recordings, though, meaning he would make a lot more money from streaming than most artists who are only paid performance royalties.

Some pressings of this album are missing this song; there’s no good way to tell just by looking if a given copy is without, though it seems that copies marked “(P) 1997” may be the offensive batch. This mess is probably due to a machine screwing up somewhere. See Question E10.

One of Liu’s earlier CRISPR inventions, called base editing , can make only four of those changes: C-to-T, T-to-C, A-to-G, and G-to-A. It cannot, for instance, correct the sickle-cell-causing mutation in the hemoglobin gene, which requires changing a T to an A at a precise spot.

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A completely magical concert – tight, solid sound, video and light extravaganza. This is a concert NOT TO BE MISSED – Tool live sets the standard in audience experience.

In classic CRISPR, genome editing begins when the Cas9 enzyme cuts DNA at a site to which a target-finding molecule, called guide RNA, led it. That triggers DNA’s natural repair machinery, which can respond in several ways: mending the break by knitting the two loose ends together; filling the gap with nucleotides randomly grabbed from the cell; or patching the break with a piece of repair DNA supplied by scientists. It turns out that cells much prefer the first and second options. That has made the third, called homology-directed repair, very difficult — a real problem since curing many genetic diseases would require this kind of fix.

Ænima was released on vinyl on Sept. 17, 1996 and on Oct. 1 on CD format. We know you know how great of an album it is, and how it took Tool from a hard rock band to progressive psychedelic masterminds. So instead of preaching what you already know, here are 10 facts superfans probably already know about Ænima, but the rest of you may not. Test your Tooldom below.

This first report of prime editing is the beginning rather than the end of a longstanding aspiration in the life sciences to be able to make any DNA change in any position of a living cell or organism, including potentially human patients with genetic diseases,” said David Liu at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The procedure, named prime editing”, can mend about 89% of the 75,000 or so harmful mutations known to mangle the human genome and lead to conditions such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, and a nerve-destroying illness called Tay-Sachs disease.

Tool: Maynard James Keenan’s band doesn’t have a unique reason for staying away from digital music – like many on this list, he doesn’t want his band’s work consumed in random pieces. Unlike most, though, Tool is truly committed. The band’s music isn’t on iTunes or Spotify and it has never allowed its label to split up its songs into a greatest-hits collection. Gotta respect those principles.

Being able to tweak DNA through gene editing is already transforming scientific research, promising to revolutionise medicine and asking deep moral and ethical questions after the creation of babies who were gene-edited to have protection from HIV.

Scientists have raised fresh hopes for treating people with genetic disorders by inventing a powerful new molecular tool that, in principle, can correct the vast majority of mutations that cause human genetic diseases.

The original title for the song “H.” was supposedly “Half Empty,” as Maynard James Keenan had introduced it under that name before playing it live in 1995.

Soo many people connected to the music, huge crowd of grateful fans there. Music sounded amazing, Danny Carey just wailed on his set, Adam and Justin sounded soo good. Band was into delivering an amazing musical experience.

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