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There are fewer ads with this platform than with other websites in this industry, and the search bar on the top left makes it easy to find great files to download. Are you looking for recent movies, books or TV shows in high-quality?

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This indicates an attempt to access Pirate Bay. EZTV is another top torrenting website with a huge database of torrent files in place. It offers popular torrent’s including movies, music, shows, and much more. You can also consider EZTV one of the top Kickass alternatives.

Those who have seen the service say that it has a user interface similar to YouTube. The simple platform lets users illegally stream a wide variety of films and television shows within a browser interface. These same people say that the video quality is high, depending on the size of the torrent used. At the moment, uploads to the service are limited to 20 GB.

We understand that not all of our readers are experts when it comes to torrents. That’s why we’ll include a detailed step-by-step tutorial. To learn the basics, here’s our complete guide to downloading torrents Now, let’s talk about downloading torrents from the Pirate Bay.

ThePirateBay is one of the oldest and best torrent site with 170 Alexa rank. It turned 15-years-old last year. You can download PC software’s and games, android apps and games, mac apps and games which are totally malware free. This site is most popular torrent site ever. Using this site you also can download Mac software’s and other stuff, I would say this is Best torrent sites for mac users.

Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyrån started The Pirate Bay in late 2003, taking advantage of the country’s lax copyright laws. By October 2004, a handful of individuals were running the site independently.

This isn’t the highest rating that a torrent site has ever received from the Alexa ranking system. Mininova broke into the top 50 sites back in 2007 (as per TorrentFreak ) and The Pirate Bay (TPB) was around the 70s mark for many years in the late ’00s. Throughout that period though, KickassTorrents (KAT) was slowly building its share of the audience and it’s continued to grow ever since.

According to the complaint, KickassTorrents was generating quite a bit of revenue from online advertising. One bank account it used to accept advertising fees received $31 million in deposits over a 6-month period.

It’s free content, so you are not paying for any of this and the content you download might be a waste of time. While it sounds great to have the latest movies or songs, you don’t know the real content.

Aside from the obvious legal implications of torrenting copyrighted content, engaging in any sort of P2P file-sharing can put your privacy at risk. That’s because the collective nature of the technology allows all of your fellow downloaders to see your internet protocol (IP) address — the unique number assigned to your device when it’s on a local network — which can be used to determine your location.


If you still can’t access YIFI movies or its Proxies or you simply are looking for an alternative, you can check out some of the best YIFI Movies mirror sites we listed below. While some of them closely resemble YIFI’s original interface, others are slightly harder to navigate. Nevertheless, they’re all reliable and frequently updated with new movies and TV show contents from around the world.

As you probably know, torrents are perfectly legal. In fact, some of the largest companies in the world use them to distribute files. But just like every tool in the world, torrents can be used for both good and evil. The problem is that it’s very difficult to know which torrents are legal and which are not.


When it comes to security, streaming carries just as many risks as torrenting. Websites that stream pirated content tend to be chock full of intrusive ads, malware, and phishing threats. Kodi users are subject to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and other threats from the add-ons they download.


It’s sad that Torrentz is no longer available, but fortunately there are plenty of alternative options to meet all of your torrenting needs. The site we generally recommend for users looking for an alternative to Torrentz is as it is closest to the original and it has a massive range of content available. However, if you are looking for a more feature-rich experience with different categories of torrents available and features like community support through forums, then you might want to look into some of the alternative sites that we have suggested.

IsoHunt is another ExtraTorrent alternative for streaming free content online. IsoHunt offers you its best collection of movies and tv shows. There is also news that IsoHunt had to pay $110 million after the settlement of a fight against MPAA.

The most important feature that every user requires from any VPN service is an IP address. ISP can track the users by IP addresses and monitor their browsing easily. Not only your ISP but also many other third-party agencies keep your tracking record by identifying your IP Address.

With its obfuscation servers, NordVPN masks your VPN traffic to help you get around VPN blocks and firewalls. That means you can use this VPN to access torrenting sites even in regions with strict censorship and VPN bans.

On the negative side, the advanced search option is a lot simpler than I expected. A better filtering system will certainly benefit TorrentDownloads’ users because you can get lost in the sea of inactive torrents.

The PirateBay is one of the best torrent sites available on the Internet. It has let me download many movies for my kids. They are small and every Sunday we watch together some children movies on our TV. Most of them are old Walt Disney movies, such as The Beauty and the Beast. The children love them, and it allows us to spend some time together as a family.

is a home for movie enthusiasts. Especially, lovers of classic movies and seekers of hard-to-find movies. It is also great for users with limited bandwidth. It gives high quality torrents at small size.

ThePirateBay remains to be the worlds most popular torrent file index to this day due to it’s incredibly simple easy to use interface, size and variety of its index, and its resilience to staying online. Dubbed as “The Galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site”, The Pirate Bay remains impossible to take down. Whilst The PirateBay team have had their fair share of raids and attacks on the website, it is still online till this day. This accompanied by the fact there are now hundreds of pirate bay proxy websites keeping the pirate bay online and circumventing any government blockades. If one pirate bay proxy is taken down, another two will replace it.

Torlock is another torrent search engine, which offers more than 4 million torrents from categories like movies, games, movies, TV shows, and others. The best part about Torlock is that it pretty much offers legitimate torrent files, which is why the site even claims to pay $1 for every fake or malicious torrent file you help discover.

Extratorrent understood torrent site which will have various kinds of pirated contents, modeled materials, songs, software, and recently released content so it will influence the income of the content designer. In this issue, an administration chooses to ban extratorrents. Be that as it may, there are numerous approaches to discover and download. As the individuals utilize an extratorrent mirror to get to the content, it is hard to stop piracy. You see this Extratorrent intermediary is equivalent to other torrent intermediary servers. Likewise, the Extratorrent unblocked numerous records to enable individuals to utilize the site for nothing, if It still releases new content every day for the access.

To sum everything up, torrenting is not illegal in Canada. Users are free to share their favorite movies, songs, and TV shows as long as they are not protected by copyright laws of the Canadian government. However, Canada does not take piracy lightly and will impose severe sanctions against those who are caught acquiring pirated content.

If you’re willing to jump through a few extra hoops, RuTracker is a longtime torrent-sharing forum that is still quite popular among those in the know. However, most of the site is in Russian, which means you’ll have to use a page translation tool to find your way around. In addition, certain files may require an account for downloading, but it’s free and easy to sign up, and with an active community and heavy moderation, the selection is large without having quite as much malware and fake torrents as other sites. You should, however, take the same precautions you would with any other torrent site.

In terms of its possibilities, it is quite similar to RARBG offering us a news section, search by categories, various criteria to order the list of torrents, and even a forum where you can make inquiries and requests. IsoHunt is definitely an alternative to Extratorrent.

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