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Lanez released his debut studio album, I Told You on August 19, 2016, which included the singles, “Say It,” and “Luv”, which peaked at number 23, and 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively.

tory lanez chixtape 5 tracklist – Did Tory Lanez Stage A Colorism Conflict?

TORY LANEZIt often seems that rap is a young man’s game. We watch a rising star release a smash debut, maybe a few decent follow-ups, then over time they become less and less relevant. With a few artists, though, that isn’t the case. It’s never been that way with Snoop Dogg , who, over a quarter-century, has arguably become the greatest elder statesman in hip-hop history. It’s been almost 30 years since his smash debut, Doggystyle, and he has since been an omnipresence in hip-hop who is probably not as appreciated for his hard work as he should be. Much like Tory Lanez, a rapper 21 years Snoop’s junior who has become an all-pervading force in ways that recall The Doggfather’s rise to power.

It’s not your typical rap song, and worlds away from the dancehall-inflected pop music that has given Lanez his widespread notability. While R&B might be what made him famous, rap is his roots, and you can easily find footage on YouTube of a young Tory kicking flows in an outdoor cypher. In the “mumble rap” era, Lanez is one of the few contemporary rappers keeping the art of the freestyle alive. “I started rapping before I was singing, so rapping is like second nature for me,” he says when I ask how he’s able to achieve such feats with seeming ease, and the importance of memory pops up yet again: “Everything gets written in my mind; I don’t really write too much stuff down on paper. I have things I written in my head, so I can just go for mad long.” In case you were wondering just how long “mad long” is, Lanez recently threw down a blistering nine-minute session on Sway In The Morning.

Physical feats aside, there were a few moments where Lanez showed off his vocal talents. Toward the end of his set, Lanez took a dancehall-laced detour, freestyling over Drake’s Controlla” and segueing from Gyptian’s Hold You” into Lanez’s latest single, Luv.” But inevitably, he would rely on the audience to sing Say It,” his Brownstone-sampling breakthrough.

At first glance, Canadian MC Tory Lanez and Snoop Dogg don’t seem so similar. For starters, they hail from opposite ends of the continent. Tory was two years old when Snoop dropped Doggystyle; Toronto’s current soundscape is a far cry from the California funk that birthed Snoop. But Tory exists in the same tradition that Snoop mastered – greatness exists in versatility and longevity nearly as much as it does in releasing a classic album… and potentially fizzling out down the line. This is not to say that Tory Lanez should immediately be recognised among the greats today, but rather that he could be in that discussion.

Tory Lanez has been on the lips of many Hip Hop fans recently after his comments about working with Tekashi 6ix9ine again emerged, but now the Canadian rapper has been involved in an online spat with another rapper, Roddy Ricch.

That determination was formed when Lanez hit hard times well before he was a teen. Born Daystar Peterson, Lanez faced a tragic loss at age 9. Things got rougher when family estrangements left him completely on his own at age 15. Within a couple of years of that leap into a starker adulthood, he was performing live and garnering attention with his first mixtapes, a move to reclaim his destiny that you can hear traced within the autobiography of I Told You.

Although it is completely extra probably that ability paved the way in which for Guapdad 4000, it is simpler to think about him finessing his approach into its ranks. In spite of everything, he’s the Scamlord, identified for his finessing methods and grifter’s charisma. Now, together with his debut album set to reach on Friday, October 25th, Guap has unveiled the mission’s completely stacked tracklist. At the least, stacked within the sense that it is lined with genuinely proficient artists, who might or might not be A-Listing in attain. Nonetheless, it is a testomony to Guap’s unparalleled networking skill; you possibly can virtually think about the shiny end on his enterprise playing cards.

R&B singer Tory Lanez knows he’s getting ready to blow fans away. The hip-hop crooner has promised his long-awaited Chixtape 5 project is really on deck. It’s all love with Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas. This is already a fire exhibition.

So why would Lanez, a Toronto-born trap and R&B artist, care about ice cream in Fort Lauderdale? Velez says the partnership began through a mutual friend, Lanez’s former personal bodyguard, who arranged a meeting with the rapper last year. Velez recalls being struck by Lanez’s strong business mind,” especially in operating his clothing line Forever Umbrella, and his mentorship of up-and-coming hip-hop artists, he says.

Lanez clowned Tyrese when he was previewing new music on Instagram. Now, Ty has responded, saying that he’s willing to bet $50K on who has the better album. Tory Lanez s link to Jamaica is unquestioned in his music, as is apparent with his 2016 smash hit single Luv,” which samples Jamaican dancehall duo Tanto Metro and Devonte.

Lanez was touring in support of his debut album, I Told You ,” a Menace II Society”-styled bildungsroman that dropped in August. Across more than a dozen mix tapes released in the first half of the decade, Lanez seemed unsure whether he wanted to be a street-tale rapper or a soft-voiced R&B crooner. On I Told You,” he managed to be a man who can do both, like Toronto forebear Drake and contemporaries Bryson Tiller and PartyNextDoor.

A chart topping force, Brown has made more Billboard Hot 100 entries since the start of his career than any contemporary male singer alive to date, spending 160 consecutive weeks charting on the Hot 100. His last album Heartbreak On A Full Moon has been streamed over 1 billion times on Spotify and has been certified 2X platinum. The album spent more than a year on the Billboard Hot 200.

I’m a swavey artist—it’s what I call myself. An artist who has the talent to fuse more than one genre and still make it his own. I think the whole swavey thing—and the whole thing about swavey music—is that it’s just one of those situations where it’s about creating art. It’s not about being in one lane, and being a rapper or being a singer. It’s about being the artist who’s painting the picture on the canvas.

Director Capone is now asserting that his team had nothing to do with the incident, telling TMZ that they would “never allow something as disgusting as what Tory Lanez is portraying” to happen. He insinuated that if there was any move made to swap the woman out, then someone from Tory’s camp was behind the decision. He further pointed out that a majority of the people who were on set that day were from Tory’s camp.

In one of the oddest beefs to crop up on the scene in some time, Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas have locked horns in a lyrical war that has escalated in the last 24 hours. Trying to make sense of it proves difficult, but it appears Lanez, who is best known for singing, threw the first shot at Lucas and the battle has been on from there.

While he’s certainly no stranger to the scene (his growing list of collaborations include Bun B, DJ Mustard, Meek Mill, YG, Kirko Bangz, G-Eazy, Rockie Fresh… the list goes on), Tory Lanez has been through quite the journey to get where he is now. Less than a decade since living on the streets of downtown Toronto at the age of 14, the now-22 year old is in the middle of his first headlining tour, named after his latest mixtape, Lost Cause Although it’s not his first project, it feels as though Lanez has premiered himself in a new way this year—highlighted by collaborations with tastemaker producers like RL Grime, Ryan Hemsworth, Noah Breakfast, while adding a lot of his own production.

This time around, Grime has teamed up with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez on an astronomical new song titled In For It.” The song has Grime’s signature heavy bass along with timely beat drops for Lanez’s raps but softens up when Tory sings on the track.

Tory Lanez hit Instagram this weekend to discuss a very important conversation in hip-hop – colorism. The Canadian rapper posted a behind the scene clip of a video shoot for the new single Good Love,” with a powerful caption about protecting the integrity of the industry and supporting women of color.

How it all began, on Monday (Nov. 19), Lanez took to his Instagram Live and said that lyrically, Lucas wasn’t on his level. This promoted Lucas to offer the verbal fade in the form of a rap battle and not only did Lanez take the first shot, but he also dropped the first diss track with Lucky You Freestyle” which you can peep below. Keep in mind this is the beat from Eminem’s Lucky You” single.

Memories Don’t Die—which debuted at the #1 spot in Canada its first week of release—is a true sophomore album in that it feels like a progression. While it might be only his second official full length, Tory Lanez has 17 mixtapes, an EP and countless singles and features under his belt. While his swavey,” genre-blurring style is developed enough to be considered a signature sound, Lanez manages to keep things fresh by always be open to evolving: Memories sounds more refined than I Told You, and has seen Lanez move away from elements that didn’t get a positive reaction before (the numerous skits and interludes, for instance) and start embracing things he left off the debut— namely, featured artists.

Yeah I think we were in a good space before the tour regardless. You know, there’s certain conversations we shared and I think there’s certain things I wouldn’t really tell to a lot of people but we’ve had conversations on. I think it’s the same thing on his side. He probably wouldn’t talk to a lot of people.

Tory can achieve that same organic energy. His ambitions rarely feel inorganic. Only a handful of guys could do hooks for Meek Mill and Freddie Gibbs in 2015 and release ‘Luv’ and ‘Say It’ the next year to smash success. He’s got similar chemistry with YG – something that’s less likely for the type of rapper who’s also able to put out ‘Talk To Me’ and make it the success it is. While you weren’t looking, Tory infiltrated every region of hip-hop.

Collaborations between hip-hop and R&B artists and EDM producers are on the rise in 2015. Wynn Resident RL Grime is no stranger to this mix of genres as he has worked with several big names in hip-hop including Big Sean for the hit track Kingpin” that was featured on Grime’s LP Void.

In short, memories truly have not died for the Grammy award nominee—he is able to recall his own life story with remarkable clarity, and keenly translate its impact on his present with pragmatism, verity and true emotion. When Lanez details the loss of his mother he does so with the sheen of salt from unshed tears. When he reflects on the nature of love (and his own shortcomings), there is a sense of genuine regret and desire. His honesty is unfailing and unrelenting, but also feels universal. We are seeing Tory Lanez for what he is—a young man growing, progressing and learning in an ever-changing world that can be capricious and cruel, but also wildly beautiful and filled with warmth.

Chris Brown, a consummate entertainer who has shifted the climate of R&B culture since his eponymous 2005 debut, has sold in excess of 30 million albums worldwide and has surpassed over 10 billion audio streams across digital outlets to date. Brown has won more than 125 awards including a Grammy Award for his album F.A.M.E. in 2011 and has amassed over 7.5 billion YouTube views – including over 40 music videos that each have more than 100 million views earning him the title of male artist with the most Vevo certified videos ever and ‘Diamond’ status from the streaming platform.

Luckily, Lanez is a down-to-earth, coolass dude. The interview ends up being a casual, forty-minute phone call, with a couple interruptions for which Lanez apologizes profusely. First, he’s stuck at the bank, settling his business and personal credit cards before he flies off to Atlanta (I’m sorry, this bank lady’s kind of messing up my thought process… I’m sorry, she just came and said some wild shit to me!”). Later, he leaves the bank, only to find his crew whilin’ out (My fuckin’ friends are so wild. We’re in the middle of the bank parking lot, and they got this door open, blasting music and dancin’ and doing dumb shit!”). Regardless, the whole experience gives me that much more of a feel for what a typical day in the life of Lanez is like.

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