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He becomes only the sixth artist to score four simultaneous top 10 singles, following 50 Cent, the Beatles, Drake, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain. For its 30th anniversary, the Beastie Boys’ landmark 1989 sophomore release gets the 180-gram double vinyl treatment.

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TOVE LOThe Swedish pop singer Tove Lo has experienced a rapid rise through the music business since releasing the single ‘Habits’. The Boss tells you everything you need to know about him with one image. An epitome of the blue collar American, Springsteen’s seventh album cover was shot by Annie Leibowitz and shows the artist’s from behind, dressed in worn blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt, with a red cap hanging out of the back pocket after a long day’s grind. We took a lot of different types of pictures,” said Springsteen, and in the end, the picture of my ass looked better than the picture of my face.” Combined with the American flag in the background, the cover parallels the themes of Springsteen’s music.

The fourth and final Post Malone song in the top 10 is his former #1 Sunflower” with Swae Lee, which charts at #10 this week. He becomes only the sixth artist to score four simultaneous top 10 singles, following 50 Cent, the Beatles, Drake, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain. Drake holds the record with seven concurrent top 10 hits last year upon the release of Scorpion, while the Beatles are the only other act to land five songs in the top 10; in fact, in 1964, at the height of Beatlemania, the Fab Four monopolized the top five spots on the chart. All 17 songs from Hollywood’s Bleeding are on the Hot 100 this week.

But quitting just doesn’t suit her. That period of isolation and silence rendered her more determined for a big return. So much shit went down, but once I wrote this record, I thought, Fuck! Am I ready for this circus again?” She was. Not satisfied with having finished 20 songs, Lo wrote a script for a short film and self-funded its four-day shoot. Fairy Dust” is the cinematic accompaniment to Lady Wood, starring Lo and Lina Esco, founder of feminist movement Free the Nipple. The film’s premiere this past Halloween (which doubled as Lo’s 29th birthday party) spilled out into the car park of Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre, where Lo built a carnival rave”—a literal circus, Ferris wheel included. I wanted no fucking VIP, everyone welcome everywhere.” Afterward, she invited everyone, myself included, to her Hollywood Hills abode to keep the festivities going. I lasted until about 5am.

It’s been three years since the world was officially introduced to Tove Lo (and the cloud of glitter that surrounds her) through her exhilarating, badass hits Habits (Stay High) ” and Not on Drugs.” Lo, born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson in Sweden, is a fast-talking, giggling songstress who combines a whimsical stage presence with blunt lyrics—mostly about love, drugs and sex. When I talk to her, she candidly admits to growing up as a privileged white girl from Sweden who got into trouble simply because she looked for it—which is the first of many moments in our conversation that I feel truly bonded with Lo. Little did I know I would relate even more to the Queen of the Clouds and the narrative behind her new album, Blue Lips.

In a choppy landscape, where globalism is deconstructing and reassembling the essential characteristics of genres in new mashed-up modes of expression, it’s increasingly likely that Scandipop proper will fade to be replaced by more contemporary iterations. But while the Scandi artistry may be changing form, its influence certainly isn’t waning. One of the girls who co-wrote New Rules is Norwegian,” Lo reminds me. The Scandis are still everywhere; it’s not just about the artists, it’s about the songwriters. They’re all still there. Max Martin was part of the new Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber song, and Can’t Feel My Face with The Weeknd. And I’ve been in the studio a bit with Dua too,” she adds, casually.

But while Martin mentored her as a songwriter, Lo was discreetly releasing her own music on the side, her lyrics deliberately deconstructing the coy metaphors and coded language that dominated his work with the likes of Britney Spears , Backstreet Boys or Taylor Swift Her debut album, 2014’s Queen of the Clouds, released on the back of the success of Habits (Stay High)”, was met with critical and commercial success. Two more albums, Lady Wood and Blue Lips, expansive concept pieces split into chapters and accompanied by short films, followed.

Across the album, Tove draws upon and writes about shitty teenage lovers (‘Mateo’), one-night flirtations (‘Jacques’), and being a bit of a fuccboi herself (‘One Of The Boys’), but there’s never any languishing.

So far, it’s paid off. Tove tells me Sunshine Kitty came from a less chaotic place” than her previous albums: writing was more a case of sifting through and reckoning with the past than staying afloat in the present.

The Swedish artist released the LP’s first single Glad He’s Gone,” at the end of May and fans have been anticipating this follow up project ever since. In the song, she talks about having a friend who is in a toxic relationship. Did you give into his ego? Yup. I think you know it’s time to let go. You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone,” she sings. After she sees her friend giving into tons of things her partner demands, when she finally leaves him, Tove is glad to have her friend back.

In 2013, Lo was signed to Universal Music , Island and Polydor The following year, Lo rose to fame with her debut album, Queen of the Clouds , which opened at number 14 on the US Billboard 200 chart in October 2014. It spawned the sleeper hit single ” Habits (Stay High) “, which peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 Her second album, Lady Wood , was released in October 2016 and debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200; ” Cool Girl ” was its lead single Her third album, Blue Lips , was released in November 2017, peaking at number 138 on the Billboard 200.

Their hearts may be in the right place, but the Avett Brothers‘ hard swerve toward social commentary on Closer Than Together” is a little hard to swallow. Calling stark attention to the current political climate in songs like Bang Bang” and We Americans,” the band strips away the sun-dappled magic from its music and puts its heavy-handed lyrics and rambling melodies forward.

Tove Lo’s tracks rack in more than 300 million streams each on Spotify and she’s also had huge success as a songwriter for other artists. In 2015, she was nominated for a Grammy for her work on Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do” and has written for the likes of Hilary Duff and Adam Lambert. Lo’s also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business, from a feature on Coldplay ‘s Fun” (requested by Chris Martin personally) to Major Lazer and Wiz Khalifa She’s far from your average pop princess, however: Lo’s got a grungy, bad-girl image, fuelled by her honesty around drink and drugs, predilection for flashing her chest during shows and deeply personal songs about sex (the title of her 2017 album, Blue Lips, is, she says, a reference to the female version of blue balls”).

That was just the launch of her career, but it marks what we’ve come to adore about Tove Lo. Her new album, Sunshine Kitty, dropped last week. Honesty and vulnerability ooze of her voice while synth beats and pounding bass dare us not to get up and dance.

Born in Stockholm, Tove Lo attended a music high school and cut her teeth playing in the band Tremblebee before deciding to pursue her solo career. In 2011 she joined famed producer Max Martin’s songwriting team, going on to pen songs for bands like Girls Aloud and Icona Pop. Her work writing for other artists helped pave the way for her debut as a solo artist in 2012 with the single “Love Ballad”. With the release of the single “Habits” in 2013 she made her first appearance on the Danish charts, and in 2014 her debut EP Truth Serum landed at No. 13 in her native Sweden. A young artist with plenty of big things on the horizon, Tove Lo will give ticket buyers a glimpse into the future of pop on her upcoming tour dates.

These situations, coupled with chemical and sexual candour, are Lo’s trademark. Sometimes she hits on a thrillingly illicit truth: Really Don’t Like U, a duet with Kylie Minogue, is tense and malevolent as Lo admits to loathing her ex’s new partner. But then there’s a song like Mateo, with its tired laments about how pretty girls have never been rejected”. More disappointing is how its languid tone constrains what could have been a camp Europop epic. Lo‘s 2014 song Habits popularised luxuriant pop nihilism, a sound that dominated the latter half of the decade and no longer sounds as fresh as it did.

She returned in 2016 with her second album, Lady Wood , which delivered more of her signature mix of cool synth-pop and frank lyrics. Buoyed by the singles Cool Girl and True Disaster , the album hit number 1 in Sweden, and landed at number 11 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

This past weekend, Mirrored Media produced an invite-only music video screening and release event for Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo at a historic theater in Hollywood. Deemed Sweden’s darkest pop export” by Rolling Stone, the 29-year-old is best known for her raw, grunge-influenced take on pop music and chart-topping hits like Habits (Stay High)”, Talking Body”, and her new single, Cool Girl”. She has also written countless other hits for artists such as Ellie Goulding and Icona Pop.

The album will last. The sleeve may not,” said the adverts for the Sex Pistols’ first and only studio album in 1977. The Sex Pistols were already controversial before the release of Never Mind the Bollocks – Here’s the Sex Pistols. They’d caused nationwide uproar for swearing on live TV, been fired from two record labels, and been banned from a number of live venues in England. Using the word bollocks” on the front of their artwork caused instant censorship, and more controversy that would only benefit its performance. Despite many major retailers refusing to sell it, the album debuted at number one on the UK album charts. Today, it is arguably the most recognisable punk album cover in music history.

Six guys stare down toward the ground, one pointing a handgun right at the viewer. This is the cover art for Straight Outta Compton, the pioneering debut by NWA. The photographer was a 28-year-old white guy, Eric Poppleton, who was struggling to make ends meet after graduating from art school. He and his art director Kevin Hosman spent a day following the guys around alleys in LA, until Poppleton found a spot where he got on the ground and asked NWA’s members to stand over him, with one holding what was hopefully an unloaded” gun. He had no idea the photograph would become one of the most iconic images in gangsta rap. Poppleton would go on to shoot four other NWA album covers.

Riding a pop music wave of the dark, the autobiographical and the darkly autobiographical, Lo has been nominated for Golden Globes and Grammys over the course of three records — her fourth hits later this year — and tours with everyone from Katy Perry to Coldplay.

While this is pitched as her happy” album, sunny it is not. Bad as the Boys mournfully explores the sadness that comes from an unrequited love and Really Don’t Like U, the understated and slightly underwhelming duet with Kylie Minogue, uses pulsating synths to channel the envy of seeing an ex move on. However, a real highlight comes in the shape of Jacques, a playful house-inspired collaboration with English producer Jax Jones.

The new clip serves as a companion piece to the song’s official music video (which Lo released last month), where the singer is seen thrashing around an apartment while trying to break through an invisible barrier – only to be confronted with a doppelganger of herself, who she proceeds to dance with.

There’s no doubt that streaming has changed the music industry. Hip-hop dominates the charts over once-ubiquitous polished pop acts like Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift. Labels aren’t investing in artists as much, but instead turning to viral currency and signing artists like Lil Nas X , who created a record-smashing #1 hit song with a $30 beat in his bedroom.

Specifically, Tove is referencing her move from Sweden to LA before making Sunshine Kitty, which wasn’t to embed herself in the US industry but to be with her long-standing boyfriend. Moving for someone isn’t necessarily a sacrifice of the self, she says; sometimes, it’s worth realising you just want to hold onto what you have.

One of my favorite Tove Lo collaborations, right off of Tove Lo’s sophomore album Lady Wood. The song starts off with more of an acoustic flare, but quickly transitions into something more club-centric. All around cool vibes.

Now, she’s gearing up to release her fourth album, Sunshine Kitty, having just released breakup anthem Glad He’s Gone”, performed with all the sass you’d expect on The Late Show last week. In honour of Lo’s new music, we sat down with her over coffee at Holborn’s Rosewood London hotel to find out all about her formative firsts, from her first love and the first time she got drunk to the first time she threw a punch and a diva moment at Coachella.

On Blue Lips, the rawness of songs like Cycles ” matched by the shimmer of Disco Tits,” present Tove Lo in an unapologetically honest light, the perfect soundtrack for a glittery Monday night of raving or romance—or both.

The singer-songwriter’s fourth album, Sunshine Kitty, has already hit 100 million streams a mere two weeks after its anticipated release. The electro-pop artist joined The Project from Melbourne on Tuesday to talk Kylie Minogue, new music and her famous Kiwi contacts.

Battam, Carrie (5 April 2013). “Tove Lo: ‘Habits'” Pitchfork Archived from the original on 7 April 2013. Retrieved 11 November 2015. Likely her best work to date, Sunshine Kitty gives listeners the hooks and melodies everyone else promises you’ll find in Tove Lo.

Had an amazing time. The venue was clean and the staff were extremely helpful and nice. Tove Lo of course was spectacular. I would definitely see her again live and also visit this venue. Tove Lo’s new album Sunshine Kitty is available now.


Lo says she’s surprised how taboo sex still is, particularly in pop music. Tove Lo’s latest album, Sunshine Kitty,” drops on September 20. Follow artists, discover new music, and personalize your music experience. Lo’s lyrics are intimate, confessional, real. Not just pop emptiness.

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