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The album hit the Top Ten in Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. In 2015, Sivan returned with his fourth EP, WILD, which he described as an “opening installment” of the music he planned to release in the subsequent months.

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TROYE SIVANThe Advocate has all of the latest news and stories on Troye Sivan, an Australian singer-songwriter who first came out as gay in 2013 to his many fans on his popular YouTube channel. 4. Like a true millennial, Sivan gained popularity via his YouTube channel His big break came when he was invited to perform alongside Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian, in a performance broadcast across Australia, when he was just 11 years old.

Troye Sivan is a South-African born Australian artist. His manager found him at a young age through his personal YouTube channel which as of December 2018, has more than 6.5 million subscribers. He went on to star in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Spud film trilogy.

There’s just been so much growth since TRXYE,” says Sivan, of the debut EP that found him critical acclaim at the same time that it became impossible to ignore, topping the iTunes album chart in 66 countries around the world and landing at # 5 on the Billboard 200.

Sivan told BuzzFeed he came out to his family first in 2010, and the acceptance and support he received from them encouraged him to share his sexual identity with his millions of followers three years later, at age 18. That video has garnered substantial attention, but Sivan credits the countless vloggers that have come before him for helping him find his voice. “Before I came out I read and watched as much LGBT content as possible,” he said. “There are so many people I would love to meet and say thank you for posting their videos, because hearing their stories and everything comforted me.” In 2015, he made a follow-up video as part of an “Awkward Conversations with Troye ” series aimed at helping young people discuss high-pressure issues such as identity, bullying, and safe sex.

Troye Sivan live at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory on Friday, September 21, 2018. Fans are criticizing the singer for inviting Kim Petras on tour given her support of music producer Dr. Luke. Troye Sivan is currently in the middle of playing concerts for his North American tour.

Sivan concluded with his lead single, My My My!” with a performance that transcended reality and electrified the thrill of excitement from the crowd. The luminescent radiation of silver and black glittering lights filled the arena as the singer calmly sat on stage, letting the music build. When the bridge started, Sivan moved sensually and steadily down the stairs, his foot striking each step in time with the beat.

9. His first full-length studio album, Blue Neighbourhood, was released in December 2015. In conjunction with the album, he made his first live American TV debut on The Tonight Show with The Roots, performing the album’s single, YOUTH,” with all of his infectious dance moves to boot.

Nowadays, the word ‘banger’ is used to describe a pop song that lands like an atomic bomb; catchy and obliterating everything in its path. But nobody seems to make anthems anymore. The latter feels more potent in comparison, the legacy-leaving antidote to easily forgotten melodies formed around manipulative productions that fade, over time, from our memories. ‘Bloom’, in that sense, is an old-fashioned exercise in everlasting pop. It rejects the busy, hip-hop-led tropes of today in favour of something a little more wistful, sparse and fuelled by an unfettered sense of longing. In that way, it feels like the kind of record a lot of popstars want to make, but never really know how to.

I think his­tor­ic­ally girls have been able to have more fun with pop music, and I think fun is a really important part of pop music. They get to wear the wigs and do the big pop videos and really dance. You know what I mean? And maybe guys felt… Well, I def­in­itely felt like I had to kind of keep it in a certain lane for a long time.

Sivan’s argument has divided some journalists, since he criticized gay reporters specifically for what some may consider norms in LGBTQ coverage – but other journalists, and his fans, backed him up when he asserted that those norms are problematic.

It took a pep talk with Ariel Rechtshaid, the indie rock heavyweight behind Haim and Vampire Weekend’s hits, for him to finally loosen up and share his idea. He was the first person who told me that it all made sense,” Sivan confesses, and I was surprised by what happened when we took all of these inspirations, all of these loves in my life that I’ve had for so long, and melted them together. We came out with something that sounded like me.” In the end, Rechtshaid made his mark on two tracks: the album’s single, sullen firecracker of a break-up track ‘The Good Side’, and Sivan’s personal favourite, ‘Animal’.

Fans have been desperate to learn the identity of the ” beautiful boyfriend ” mentioned in Troye Sivan’s album liner notes, but the singer has remained uncharacteristically quiet. That may have something to do with the portmanteaus of his past. At one point, he became one-half of an alleged duo referred to as ” Tronnor ,” the combination of Troye and another YouTube sensation named Connor Franta, and let’s not forget the concoction known as “Troyler,” referring to podcast personality Tyler Oakley. Sivan joined Oakley in a hilarious The “Boyfriend” Tag ” video to answer hypothetical questions about their unconfirmed relationship, stoking matchmaker hysteria to a fever pitch that lingers today.

WILD reveals that growth to the world, a six track showcase of Troye’s musical vision: dark, infectious pop music at its most organic. With WILD Troye has taken his time to meticulously craft a body of work that makes his first definitive statement as an artist and he wants to take his fans on this journey with him. WILD is an opening installment, a 6 song keyhole that introduces us to a wider world of music to come from Sivan in the near future.

Courtesy of a smattering of reactive personal experiences and his knack for distilling emotion and finding the perfect metaphors and lyrical combinations to reflect them through – Troye Sivan has made a pop record that will make a connection – and one that will be at the forefront of motivational Tumblr quotes and texts to our exes for years to come. He’s nervous, he’s so nervous. But he’s so ready for you to hear this.

Troye Sivan Mellet (born June 5, 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa), known professionally as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and YouTube personality. He is good friends with Ariana Grande She is featured on Sivan’s song ” Dance To This “.

Sivan appeared in the West Australian season of Samuel Beckett ‘s absurdist play Waiting for Godot which opened on 28 May 2010. 57 Sivan shared the role of “Boy” with Craig Hyde-Smith, alternating nights. 58 In June 2012, Sivan returned to South Africa to film Spud 2: The Madness Continues, which was released in South Africa on 21 June 2013. Sivan also starred in the third film in the series, Spud 3: Learning to Fly , released on 28 November 2014.

And so that’s what he did at the start of 2018, when he dropped ‘My, My, My’, an immaculate pop anthem about two gay lovers slowly seducing each other. Sivan hadn’t anticipated its explosive reception, but it felt like his watershed moment: after years of being a ‘YouTuber-turned-popstar’, he’d finally shed the label that had been weaponised by his naysayers for so long. We weren’t watching a musician try to pander to the masses; this was a 23-year-old gay man flaunting his true artistic self in a heated moment of queer, care-free liberation.

Overall, the concert offered a symphonic period of blissful self-reflexivity and passion for people throughout SoCal to attend and enjoy. Every change in tempo ignited a blossom of excitement within the tight-knit crowd and at the end, a feeling of elation hung in the air as the music from the night echoed into the twinkling sky.TROYE SIVAN

The Happy Couple, Jacob Bixenman , and Troye Sivan went public about their relationship about a year before. In August of the year 2016, Troye Sivan announced to media about his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman at 2016 MTV Video Awards with their biggest date yet. Let us know more about them.

Perth-raised Troye Sivan is touring in support of his sophomore album, Bloom featuring the US Top 100 and New Zealand platinum smash hit ‘ My My My! ‘ (sensationally performed with Taylor Swift at her Rose Bowl show last year) and singles ‘Bloom’ and ‘Dance To This’ featuring Ariana Grande.

Reilly, Gabrielle. “Troye Sivan Interview” The Global Townhall. Archived from the original on 25 January 2015. Retrieved 14 January 2015. There’s a song called Bloom on there which is, like, complete pop. Like: ‘Katy Perry Teenage Dream’ pop.

Sivan set out on The Bloom Tour in September 2018, impressing full houses through extensive North American, European and Asian dates, as well as Lollapalooza performances in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Earlier this month Sivan teamed up with Charli XCX, co-headlining and co-hosting the inaugural Go West Fest in Los Angeles celebrating Pride week.

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