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It debuted at No. 39 on the US Billboard chart. The album was described as being clearly inspired by Detroit techno. His songs carry a philosophic edge, a fatalism that makes the Fun!” of the new album’s signature track seem more than a little ironic.

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VINCE STAPLESThe first episode of The Vince Staples Show” is unsettling! Vince Staples has released a new project, FM!, the follow-up to 2017’s Big Fish Theory. Back on Poppy Street, Vince Staples is still America’s most reluctant celebrity. Recording artist Vince Staples embarks on a North American Tour to support his new album. Catch him live at The Ritz Ybor in Tampa, FL.

While Budden raised some valid points, Staples suggested that New York’s credit should be shifted to the upstate region right now. The FM! rapper praised the Buffalo artists of Griselda Records: Westside Gunn, Conway and Benny the Butcher The label frequently collaborates with legendary producer The Alchemist , who Staples revealed he has some of “the best songs” with.VINCE STAPLES

When we lived on the east side of Long Beach, I used to play Playstation all day. Or I’d sit in the house on the couch and watch Martin. I would go outside and play with some of my friends. When I got to be older, fourth grade passed. We had the AOL 30-day free dial-up.

His third and most recent album, FM!,” is all of 22 minutes long, yet it’s exciting enough to have landed on a lot of year-end-best lists. In a taut hourlong set Monday at the House of Blues, the southern California rapper performed pretty much every moment of the album, as well as most of the tracks that have made him one of the most watched names in hip-hop since his arrival a half-dozen years or so ago.

Some of these people spend their whole life wanting to be a rapper, then they get there and they have nothing to talk about. I’ve never felt like I had to be a part of that. I come from a place where nobody is successful, where nobody makes it out. I am the most successful person from my area of Long Beach, except for Snoop Dogg. That’s it. I’m talking about regular jobs and all of that. If you work at the oil refinery, you made it in Long Beach, and you still live there.

Some of Vince Staples’ most popular songs include “Norf Norf,” “BagBak,” “&burn” and “Big Fish.” “Norf Norf” went viral after a video was released showing a mother complaining about the song while in tears. The video has over 43 million views on YouTube.

self-titled recently sat down with Staples at a Hollywood studio where he was holed up with Clams Casino, the New Jersey producer best known for his work with A$AP Rocky and Lil B. His first Def Jam release, the Hell Can Wait EP, had only been out for a few weeks, but he was already back to his old routine: fielding collect calls from jail and writing songs with no instrumentals. We talked about gang culture, family ties and why he prefers Beethoven over Boyz N the Hood.

The video opens by zooming in on our Google Earth-sized planet, and it plops us — with Google Maps’ little yellow man — onto a nondescript street in Norfy, California.” There, we see Staples pose in front of groups of kids dancing, clean his sneakers with a toothbrush and bleach, stumble across a robbery in progress, walk by a scene of police brutality, and, finally, dance with his crew at the entrance to Ramona Park.

But what’s innovative with this project is releasing a web series attached to new songs. Staples is creating a deeper and different connection to the art, and showing us there’s always more to music. The Vince Staples Show airs new episodes on YouTube.

Rapper Vince Staples released his latest album FM! today, and it’s chock-full of certified slappers. The music video to FUN!,” one of FM!’s singles, takes place entirely in Google Maps. (Realistically, it’s in a UI that looks like Google Maps, but whatever.) In the video, Staples gives us a Street View tour of the neighborhood he grew up in and still raps about: the Ramona Park area of Long Beach, California.

Despite his general standoffishness, a deep and uncompromising passion for his craft has made him one of the most respected hip-hop artists currently active. Almost a year to the day since his last stop in South Florida, in which he opened up for Tyler, the Creator at the James L. Knight Center, Staples took over Revolution Live and unleashed an early frontrunner for South Florida’s best rap show of 2019.

I ain’t never had a khaki suit on in my fucking life. I’ve never crip-walked before—that’s corny. I’ve never been stupid. I never felt like I had to do nothing. My name is Vince where I come from. I got a name, but I don’t tell people that. They know I live over there, but that ain’t where I’m from over there. And they know what I’ma do and what I have done, but what does that mean at the end of the day? What does that really mean? I have homies with Yankee tattoos on their face. What would that mean if they left Long Beach? In my music, I can’t pretend it means something to you, but I can tell you what I learned from it.

Ramona Park residents gathered for the video shoot of Vince Staples Fun!” this past October. Courtesy of @waxxtho. Recording artist Vince Staples has come a long way from his trying upbringing in Long Beach, California’s Ramona Park neighborhood.

Just a young black man with a backbone” is an emblematic line from Tweakin’,” the last song on FM!” That track features Compton rapper Buddy, who was Staples’s opening act, as well as a memorable hook by the R&B singer Kehlani. Her disembodied voice accompanied Staples’s live verses as did the rest of his eerie electro backing music: digitally.

Recording artist Vince Staples has come a long way from his trying upbringing in Long Beach, California’s Ramona Park neighborhood. Releasing his critically acclaimed debut Summertime ’06 album in 2015, the then twenty-year-old saw his life turned right side up, going from being nearly trapped to having what appeared to be complete freedom.

The influence of Vince’s dark sarcastic humor and co-writer and director Calmatic ‘s outrageous perspective within realistic settings is clear. Staples’ mastery of the internet cannot be ignored. Despite his repeated hate for it he knows how to manipulate into successful ventures.

Kendrick Lamar said this in an interview the other day: All the people making songs about guns and shooting and shit, it’s not reality.” And I’m glad he said that, because he’s on a way higher level than me. That’s something that I try to say all the time in my music. That’s not real. We watched Pokemon. We skateboarded. We did everything everyone else did. I remember when I was in high school, T.I. was catching flak because he said his favorite TV show was Friends. Why does that not make sense? Where I grew up, the white people were across the street, the Asians lived two houses down, the Mexicans lived right here. We were all from the same neighborhood. We all did the same things.

Staples lived at 3230 Poppy St., a street of modest homes that runs east-west through the neighborhood of Ramona Park. The Vince Staples Show is an eclectic mix of fire music and the rapper’s distinct personality.

From the moment the phone call started, Staples was firing off quips. He teased Budden, a Harlem native, that Tekashi’s fall from rapper to snitcher may be considered as a setback for New York hip hop as a whole. Staples lamented the situation as the loss of of “our first Mexican.” He also claimed that he previously made a bet with Budden regarding where Tekashi’s narrative would lead. Staples wants Budden to pay up, because apparently Staples foresaw Tekashi snitching, while Budden was convinced he’d end up dead.

The announcement arrived shortly after the rapper signed to Motown Records earlier this month , which signals a new Staples album might be on the horizon. According to Billboard , the rapper is expected to release new music on his new label in the coming weeks.

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