ybn nahmir rubbin off the paint acapella – YBN Nahmir, Cordae, And Almighty Jay Have Become Rap’s Most Authentic Collective

The ICM agent has been handling booking for the YBN crew—YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Cordae—and has just been informed during a photo shoot that the young rappers’ upcoming shows in China have been canceled.

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YBN NAHMIRThe show’s opener, Vincent, relied heavily on popular songs such as Humble” by Kendrick Lamar and Jumpman” by Drake to rile up the crowd for an hour prior to YBN Nahmir’s performance. Famous for his remix of Drake and Meek Mill’s R.I.C.,” the DJ played a mix of electronic and trap mixes before YBN Nahmir dashed on stage.

Influenced by West Coast legends including E-40, Eazy-E, Tupac, and Bone Thugs N Harmony, YBN Nahmir come up was unique in that he largely developed the early stages of his music career through online video games and social media. Currently signed to Atlantic Records, YBN Nahmir has since collaborated with the likes of Yo Gotti, G-Eazy, Wiz Khalifa, G Herbo, Blac Youngsta, Wifisfuneral, Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, Machine Gun Kelly and Cuban Doll amongst many others.

We got them from my homeboy King The Legend, who makes clothes. He made the black and white jumpsuits we had on. He does most of the clothes we wear. That Pablo Escobar shit was hard, so we copped those shirts, and I fuck with Kanye’s shit too. It went crazy in the video.

Few people manage to take gaming to anything more than a hobby, and only one person has ever managed to turn gaming into a successful rap career. That person is YBN Nahmir, a Birmingham, Alabama, rapper who garnered his first internet following by freestyling on mic while playing Grand Theft Auto.

Along with the star power of Nahmir, YBN Cordae, who the New York Times said was one of the most promising young lyricists in hip-hop”, and YBN Almighty Jay who XXL called a bona fide rap star” are set to become household names. The new tape sees The YBN crew’s diverse personalities set them apart from their counterparts, making guest appearances on episodes of MTV’s Wild N’ Out and Complex’s Open Late with Peter Rosenberg and landing performances at festivals like Hard Summer, Rolling Loud, and the first annual Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash. YBN Nahmir in particular is capping off a busy summer that saw him crowned a XXL Freshman, make his late-night television debut alongside G-Eazy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and celebrate as his breakout hit Rubbin Off The Paint” achieved certified platinum status from the RIAA.

Both the rebellion and the circumspection make sense. Although Almighty Jay got his rap moniker from Chief Keef’s Almighty So project rather than a higher power, he was raised in a religious household. His grandfather was a preacher, so his mother in turn grew up listening to Christian music, and that was also what a young Almighty Jay heard around the house. With his dad and in his free time, though, it was all hip-hop. When he started rapping, his mother was freaked out by his lyrics about women.

With their new project Young Boss Niggas Vol. 1 coming up, it’ll be exciting to explore the depths of their creativity. We’ve heard Nahmir, Jay, and Cordae weave in and out of each other’s songs to create a full spectrum of rap in the new-age; bringing their talents together for one project should be interesting. Is their entire charade only held together by the strength of their popularity? Or does camaraderie really play an important part in the creation of great music? On September 7 (allegedly), the answers will be available.

Born Nick Simmons, YBN Nahmir began making music in his early teens. No, he wasn’t booking studio time or even recording on his laptop. Instead, he began freestyling while playing video games online. He and his Internet friends would release gaming footage with their bars, which helped them amass a considerable following.

YBN Nahmir stayed hot in 2018 with guest spots on G-Eazy’s “1942” and Wifisfuneral’s “Juveniles.” He also joined his friends YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay for ‘YBN: The Mixtape,’ the first full-length display of the group’s talent alongside the likes of Gucci Mane and Machine Gun Kelly. The trio’s current tour stokes anticipation for Nahmir’s Atlantic debut, which he’s getting to drop in 2019. That he somehow found time to finish high school makes his achievements to date all the more impressive.

YBN Nahmir wears the Air Jordan 1 Hi Double Strap. He founded the YBN collective which includes artists YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordae, along with 15 other members. Get the hottest music, news and videos delivered directly to your inbox.

I need to know—is he burned out?” Davies asks about Nahmir, whose absence from the shoot was attributed officially to an illness in his family. She questions whether the current plan—for YBN to start a European tour at the beginning of October—is feasible. At almost the same time, the Galveston, Texas-raised Almighty Jay is joking-but-not-really about escaping back to the Lone Star State and vanishing entirely from the group’s promo run for their new project, YBN: The Mixtape.

He founded the ‘Young Boss Niggas’ Collective, also known as ‘YBN’ Collective, in 2014. YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Cordae, YBN Glizzy, YBN Manny, YBN Walker, YBN Nicky Baandz, YBN Malik, YBN Carl and YBN Dayday are all its members.

As he honed his skills at home, using a sock-covered $50 microphone, YBN Nahmir began to upload his catalog to SoundCloud. One song, Rubbin Off The Paint,” went viral last year and subsequently changed the course of his life. After releasing a one-take video for the song, YBN Nahmir’s fame multiplied overnight. Teachers and classmates were suddenly fans, forcing him to leave school and finish online.

Last September the YBN Collective released their first full-length project ‘YBN: The Mixtape’ featuring collaborations with artists like Gucci Mane, Lil Skies and Machine Gun Kelly. The mixtape has achieved gold status in the US, and YBN Nahmir also became part of XXL’s Freshman class for 2018.

new mixtape serves as an introduction to YBN as a whole, with budding new members still set to emerge. YBN serves as this generation’s new breed of rap crew, formed by the internet and flourishing with viral hits like YBN Nahmir’s Bounce Out With That” which has accrued over 102 million plays on Soundcloud and YBN Almighty Jay’s Chopsticks” which has been streamed over 20 million times on Soundcloud and Youtube.

He played a lot of video games, such as ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’ He used to record his video games to gain subscribers on his ‘YouTube’ channel. When he was not busy gaming, Simmons used to hang out on ‘Xbox Live’ parties.

Now, the three are inseparable. In a recent interview with No Jumper, Cordae, Nahmir, and Jay all sat down for a conversation bereft with smiles, insults, and a general sense of camaraderie. Their jokes at each other’s expenses never felt like they were delivered with malicious intent. The fact that they all have their own styles and stick with them showcases their ability to understand their roles in both the collective and the rap game, and they can play them confidently.

I’m a real rapper. I give off a different feeling. I got my own personality. It’s like God gave me a talent that nobody else has. I mean, other people have talent and know how to make music and rap. But you can tell that I’m blessed, ‘cause it feels like my success happened overnight. People can have talent, but not everybody’s gonna pay attention to you all the time. You gotta be different.

Yeah exactly, Cordae is like the lyrical type of nigga, I’m the nigga that’s gonna go in the booth and talk my shit, but to a certain extent and Jay just gonna go in there and go crazy and say what he wanna say and that shit gonna sound hard.

It’s a sequel to the “Letter To Valley Part 1” and I got four other ones. But they got taken off of YouTube because of the beat I was using. They got copyrighted, so I had to take them down. They’re on the laptop at my house. Every year I do a song for my homeboy Valley, who passed away from a heart attack. Next year I’m going to do a Part 6 around the day he died, January 7.

Shit, all they gotta do is be their self. If you be yourself, you’re good. If you try to be somebody else you gon KO your whole career in a fucking second. Nigga you gotta be yourself, matter of fact, you gotta be yourself period no matter what you doing. Cause if you not being yourself, it’s not hard to tell.

Rapper YBN Nahmir is a newer face on the urban music scene, with strong intentions on being respected as a unique voice in rap music. When Nicholas Simmons – better known as YBN Nahmir – helped to forge the YBN Collective in 2014 he did not know how significant it was going to be in 2019.

I get under their skin and make them mad,” he says of gossip blog commenters and anyone else who may have an issue with how he’s living his new-rap-star life. That’s funny to me.” Despite that, though, he professes earnestly that he only wants to be known for the music” and goes out of his way to avoid being recognized in public. I be trying to wear my hood,” he protests.

YBN Nahmir (Nicholas Simmons) is an American rapper and songwriter. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, career etc. You can take a look at the music video for YBN Nahmir’s new solo single Tweak” above, and stay tuned for more from the young rapper.

Speaking with Nahmir, you can tell this is an 18-year-old whose life has accelerated in the last nine months at a pace he didn’t ask for. His tone is honest, and it’s weighing on him how fast and drastically life can change but he’s also thankful to be in the position he’s in: A feeling that replicates that of a gift and a curse. Continuing to build off “Rubbin’ Off the Paint,” Nahmir has dropped impressive singles like Automatic (RIP FREDO!), “Bounce Out with That,” “I Got a Stick and a Bail Out” as well as getting big look features on tracks like G Eazy’s “1942,” Bhad Babbie’s ‘Hi Bich Remix,” and Yung Bans’s “Ridin'” featuring Nahmir and Landon Cube. Now Nahmir is preparing to drop his YBN compilation tape.

It’s crazy coming up out of Birmingham, because I’m opening so many doors for other people. I’m doing a lot of songs with people from Alabama and Birmingham. I’m showing so much love. Nick Simmons, known as YBN Nahmir, was among the teenaged rappers who made a commercial breakthrough in 2017.

I was just like messing around. Since when I was a kid I was always trying out stuff. But the first song I remember hearing already had a rap in behind it and that’s the first song I knew how to rap fully. I was very young and I was rapping. I started when I was six or seven years old. At the age of 13 or 14 I was getting really serious about it. I don’t rap every day but I write a lot. I write every day.

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