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I think about my auntie and everything. Remember Lucci mentioning that, despite growing up without much money, and with only one parent in the house, his mom made sure to keep him and his brother decked out with gifts?

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YFN LUCCIRayshawn Lamar Bennett, otherwise known as YFN Lucci is an American rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Rapper YFN Lucci is enjoying success on the job for certain, but this isn’t the only rewarding aspect of his life. He also has a family. He is also the father of two children. Rayshawn has a daughter named Liberty and a son named Justice. These are interesting names which show that he has some solid values when it comes to his belief in freedom for all as well as justice. He started dating Reginae Carter, who is also a rapper in 2018.

YFN Lucci continues to stir the pot, suggesting yet again that he slept with Young Thug ‘s long-time girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. Lucci carried on his beef with Thug by saying that he was with Karlae several times, in spite of Karlae’s public denial.

YFN LUCCI: I appreciate that. I got to inspire the youth, because if I don’t, I don’t know what’s going to happen right now. Like you said, kid things ain’t kid things like they used to be. So I gotta keep it going. I got kids. I got four kids. I can’t have them growing up listening to stuff that make them do crazy things. I want to teach them and let them know they – more like, “This is what you gotta do. You have to do this.” That’s it though.

ALI: That’s dope. We looking forward to – I don’t want to say just your record because it’s more than that – just that feeling that you bring and inspiring people to definitely chase their dreams, not chase it but pursue it. The one thing that I hear about you is that you are so committed and dedicated, and if you’re going to be successful in the music business you have to take it seriously. You can’t just be where, “Oh I gotta record that’s on the radio and I arrived.” There’s so much more to it than that, and you definitely – you put that greatness up on it. It’s like the bat signal in the sky, the things that you can possibly achieve. So you’re an inspiration for this younger generation, man. So just looking forward to it.

After garnering a deal with Atlanta-based label Think It’s a Game in 2014, the father of four unveiled his debut mixtape Wish Me Well the following year. It was the second installment of Wish Me Well, however, that took the budding rapper’s career to new heights, thanks to the chart-topping single “Key to the Streets” featuring Migos and Trouble. The rapper (born Rayshawn Bennett) followed-up “Key to the Streets” with “Everyday We Lit” featuring Philly’s PnB Rock. The song spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaked at No. 33.

YFN Lucci and Trey Songz have released the video for their hit collaboration, “All Night Long.” In it, they live a life of luxury in a villa next to the beach, surrounded by women. Lucci has his eye on one woman in particular and is determined to win her over, no matter who’s looking at him. While he’s doing this, Trey Songz is his effortless, all-smiling wingman, of course. Together, the two look like they’re having the time of their lives.

YFN LUCCI: Probably – dang, man, I got a lot of them. First off, I’m ready for them to hear the whole album. I got a song on there called “I Wanna Be There” with Monica and Wale I got a song called “Keep Your Head Up” I want them to hear with me and T.I. And “At My Best.” I got one called “At My Best.” I’m looking forward to them hearing every song though, but they gonna love those.

Following their one hit, it seem as some rappers are here today and gone tomorrow. That’s far from the case of YFN Lucci—he has become one of the most consistent rappers in the game dropping FIRE nonstop. From ” Wish Me Well 2 ” to ” Ray Ray from Summerhill ” and his most recent mixtape ” 650Luc: Gangsta Grillz ” it’s getting more and more difficult for us decide which one of YFNLucci’s project we enjoy the most.

Remember Lucci mentioning that, despite growing up without much money, and with only one parent in the house, his mom made sure to keep him and his brother decked out with gifts? Well, the mere mention of Sean John brings back a very fond memory: That was all I used to wear, so my mother used to buy me Sean John. One time she came home with a jean jacket and a burgundy track suit.” Those became staples in young Lucci’s closet, and the feeling of putting on the garments for the first time has stuck with him ever since.

Oduwole said he’s taking legal action against a woman who was supposed to use the property for a small pamper party. He said he looked at surveillance video of that evening and discovered Lucci’s party and damage to the family property.

It wasn’t long after YFN Lucci appeared on the scene that he became a fan favorite in the hip hop community. His new mixtape 650LUC: Gangsta Grillz is set to drop on June 21st, with an album coming in the fall as well. His hardwork is evident, yet he still finds the time to pay his blessings forward to those in his community. He stopped by Cheddar Music to give us some insight on his new album, his philanthropic pursuits, and much more.

YFN LUCCI: I got, like, two. I can say two. I can say Cincinnati in Ohio. I think it was at Celebrities, my first time there. It was so lit. I got three. I got three. And then Baltimore. I forgot the club name in Baltimore, but it just the way everybody standing around, standing up, the lights on, everybody smiling, camera phones out. It just make you just – you think about everything, not even just that. You think about since – I go back to when I was 4 years old. I think about my auntie and everything. Like, “Dang. I wish y’all could see this.” And Houston, Houston my third city. My first time in Houston, it was crazy.

But Nut wasn’t around to witness the success he envisioned from the very beginning. He passed away right after I dropped my first mixtapes,” Lucci says. It’s the sort of loss that’s impossible to shake, because the kind of energy and empathy Nut provided are impossible to replace. I look at it like that’s another angel for me, helping guide me through,” Lucci says of his efforts to keep a positive outlook in the face of Nut’s death. That’s your angel in your corner.” In a truly heart-wrenching tribute, Lucci made sure that the final song on the EP, the excellent Testimony,” featured Boosie BadAzz, long Nut’s favorite rapper. Though he wasn’t here to witness the collaboration, Lucci trusts that Nut is looking down, smiling, and nodding his head.

ALI: Yeah. You think about just, you know, the stereotypes of what you get. I’ll say this coming from the North, cause you live in the South. But just the stereotypes you get. And even though we have family and cousins in the South, New York just has a different feeling. And so specifically on Texas, you don’t think that in Texas they mess with hip-hop so hard, so when you go down there and it’s a hug, like a family reunion kind of thing, you’re like, “Yo, this is incredible.” It’s good to hear that that city still is giving that feeling. I don’t know what it is. I can’t describe it.

YFN LUCCI: Yeah, yeah. Plenty of times. “Destined” on my Wish Me Well. Probably “Talk That Shit.” Some songs take longer than that, because I might start on it and just ride around and listen to it for months, probably longer than a month, for months. And then I go back into it and finish it. Because I feel like I don’t wanna go the same way on it, so I wait to where next time I hear the beat, I know I’ma have a whole ‘nother style to rap on or sing or however I go.

YFN LUCCI: When you listening to my music I want you to learn. I want you to learn that life ain’t a game. Slip ups count. You can’t make mistakes. Well, everybody make mistakes, but the wrong mistake can cost you. And you know, more of, like, take care of your family, your mother, your kids. Invest. Don’t go broke, get some money and don’t just spend it on everything, you know what I’m saying? And live, and enjoy life. You only got one life to live so enjoy it.

It’s a beautiful thing. As you can see, nothing but greatness and beautiful things have come out of that. Look at the BET Hip-Hop Awards! That shit was fucking nostalgic! That shit was fucking amazing. Junior M.A.F.I.A. came out and the crowd went nuts. Sometimes when people realize things they have done and they apologize sincerely, that is worth more than gold. That’s a family member. Family fucks up, that’s it. We do that in our family and relationship. But when it’s family, especially for someone like Biggie, we have to come together and we have to let Biggie live the way he’s supposed to. That was my way of mending his broken heart.

Everyday We Lit” marks Lucci’s second consecutive summer hit, following last year’s Key to the Streets,” a collaboration with Migos and Trouble. Impressively, it’s also the third straight warm-weather smash for Think It’s a Game: Rich Homie Quan’s Flex” was popular in the summer of 2015.

YFN LUCCI: I think my fans just love my voice. I won’t never try to say I sing too much, cause it really is my voice. If I just rap, my voice kind of still going to be a high pitched voice. So we ain’t never had no conversation about my sound, but we say “try new things” a lot.

Atlanta-based rapper YFN Lucci kicks off his ‘Ray Ray of Summerhill Tour in Norfolk, VA at The NorVa with surprise special guests. YFN LUCCI: Yeah, it’s just, I don’t know, that love. Young Thug responded in a series of tweets and vaguely threatened YFN Lucci’s life. Thank god u able to take care ya mama, and be humble.” Thug tweeted, Doin to much could become a deep sleep”.

Here is an interesting fact about YFN Lucci that we didn’t know. His brother, who goes by the stage name of K, was a big influence on Rayshawn’s rapping career. K encouraged Lucci in his musical pursuits as well as mentoring and motivating him to move forward in expressing his talent and creativity. Another rapper named Johnny Cinco also joined in mentoring young Lucci since he was just 16 years old, to keep him focused on the goal.

YFN LUCCI: The beat first. The beat gotta be nice. The beat has to be – you gotta be able to feel the beat first, cause if you feel the beat first, as soon as you play the beat, anybody who can feel the beat, they going to start moving around. So I look for instruments, guitar sounds, piano sounds, snares, and I just be wanting it to be musical. I don’t be wanting it just drums. I want it to have music in it.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, YFN Lucci grew up listening to the likes of Tupac, the Hot Boys, Ja Rule, Dipset, Lil’ Wayne and Fabolous. Motivated by his older brother and rapper K,” YFN Lucci discovered his own musical talent at age 16 and started developing his clever pen game.

When we looked into YFN Lucci’s developmental years, it became apparent that he lived a fairly normal lifestyle. He and his brother were raised by their single mother, and he grew up in the Summer Hill neighborhood and attended Southside high school in that district. While he was in high school, he was a member of the football team. Rayshawn was involved in extracurricular activities in school and in addition to being a musician, he was also an athlete.

YFN LUCCI: Yeah. It wasn’t like, “Just sign.” “Come with me. I’ma teach you things, I don’t want to see you mess up your money.” And somebody telling you that – where I come from a lot of people don’t tell you nothing, so somebody telling you that that it made me feel like that might be the right place for me. Ever since I signed I been going up.

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Because it wasn’t what people thought. I met some of my best friends inside. I got a lot of rest the first two weeks, I was tired because I was working. I learned a lot. It was like going to a very, very, very, very bad boarding school. (laughs) I learned a lot, and I got to get closer to God. It wasn’t as bad inside as it was when I came home, the things I had to go through, to be honest with you. I had worse times outside of prison than I did in prison. I had to go through some really really dark, deep things.

Rayshawn Lamar Bennett was born on the 16th of February, 1991, in Atlanta. The peculiarities of his childhood and family background are not available to the public. He began displaying his talent of a rapper when he was in his middle teens. Later he was under the influence of a famous rapper who encouraged his creativity and promoted his compositions. His official career started in 2014 when he was offered a contract with a well-known company and recorded his first mixtape. The company was ‘Think It’s A Game Entertainment’. The mixtape is called ‘Wish Me Well’. It took a considerable place in hit parades. Now the entertainer is collaborating with Rick Ross, Lil Durk and other rappers. He has created and presented to the public the extended play which is named ‘Long Live Nut’.

YFN Lucci isn’t a struggling artist by any means. From the time that his debut mixtape was released, his career has been successful. In 2016, a single he released made it to the Hot New Hip Hop and XXL Hottest 50 Songs of 2016 list. This is a distinction in the business which highlights the best of the best. Forbes also listed his title Key To The Streets” as one of the 5 Rap Singles to Watch on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart,” which also promoted the merits of the video, although it had already gained in popularity. His videos have received millions of views on Vevo, BET, Fuse, and Revolt.

Not really because we’re still living it. Even though I’m in the rap world, I still go home. All of my friends aren’t rich, so I know how they feel. I went through it 23 years of my life, so I got a lot to talk about. But sometimes you get in there it may take a while because you don’t know how you want to come. You don’t want everything to sound the same. But other than that, it’s always something to talk about.

You know, people are entitled to think what they want to think. I’m not worshipping Beyoncé and I’m not encouraging anyone to worship her. I’m very clear that this is a Christian worship service and we’re just using the music to tell a story about black women and to provide an alternative vision of who and what the church can be and we know that can be intimidating to people.

Atlanta, GA – Shots were fired during YFN Lucci and Lil Zay Osama’s video shoot this week. In cell phone footage shared to Twitter, someone recording the clip points out Lucci on the baseball field seconds before shots ring out and everyone scrambles.

ALI: That’s dope. I hadn’t heard of him until just listening to your albums, and it’s just like hearing his voice – you have him set off a couple of albums, right? So one, I just love hearing his voice, cause it’s like you warming up for your life or whatever it is you about to do. It’s something about his voice. I don’t know what it is.

YFN LUCCI: But basically, just coming out of Summerhill, you had good kids, bad kids, and that’s everywhere. So it wasn’t like it was just dangerous, because it’s up to you. It was, like, your decision. You can go hang with these people and do the dangerous stuff, or you can hang with these people and do, like, kid things. So it all balanced out.

Because I’m hungry. I do this to take care of my family and my people. I do it with a passion. I ain’t just doing it for the money. The money’s a bonus. I want people to hear what I got to say. Everybody got something to say, I want them to know I’m one of the best in this shit. I ain’t just rapping, I’m telling a story. My own story.

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