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Zombio 2: Chimarrao Zombies (2013)

category: indie
brazil, 83 min.

Directed by:

Airton Bratz ... Chibamar Bronx
Elio Copini ... Americo Giallo
Gisele Ferran ... Nilda Furacao
Coffin Souza ... Klaus
Guricus Gewdner ... Pastor Davi
Raissa Vitral ... Amelia dos Santos

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (1 votes)

The zombies are back and once again terrorizing the people of Brazil. They are even bloodier and gorier this time. Various people try to survive or fight the zombies. But they also do things like have sex, do drugs and all kinds of weird stuff. Will any of them survive? And what's up with the maniacal laughter of the zombie killer?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
The zombies are back for more.

movie connections:
sequel to: Zombio (1999)

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, nudity, horror, gut-munching, comedy, feature film, sex
added: july 27th 2013 00:32:11,  last modified: july 27th 2013 00:44:20
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User reviews (1)

Good, Gory Indie Zombie Film

First off, thank you to Petter Baiestorf for sending me a screener copy of Zombio 2 all the way from Brazil. I enjoyed this movie a great deal. I've seen several of Petter's movies. Some I have really liked, even if they fell into the so bad, they're good category, such as Zombio or the two Vegetable Monster From Outer Space films. But other films I haven't liked quite so much. But when I heard that he was doing a sequel to Zombio, my enthusiasm was definitely there. And the more images I saw on facebook, the more fun the movie looked. And having watched the film I can definitely say that it is a lot of fun and a great, gory time. Now I must admit I am not to sure what goes on exactly in the plot since there were no subtitles and I don't speak Portuguese. But I was still able to thoroughly enjoy the movie despite the language barrier. I think the plot may be kind of secondary to the blood and gore in the film. Boy, is this movie gory! The blood, gore and intestines fly everywhere. And this is old school gore, as in no CGI here. Just good old-fashioned make-up and practical effects to create it. The zombie make-up is pretty decent, although it is rather obviously rubber masks that have been vastly souped up in many cases. But that's alright. I still enjoyed them. The film is one crazy b-movie ride. All kinds of craziness happens, such as a guy dressed in bringht red with a flower in his hair. The laughing man who kills zombies and rips out their intestines is a hoot. There's a sequence where there's a sped up version of Singing In The Rain, which was just crazed. There were some very good looking women in here, and they weren't afraid to expose themselves either. This is one enjoyable b-movie ride. Petter Baiestorf can be called The Brazilian Todd Sheets or even Ed Wood (there'e music from Plan 9 From Outer Space in the opening sequences as well). He just makes bloody b-grade movies. Some folks will like them. Others won't be able to stand them. Zombio 2: Chimarrao Zombies is one I definitely enjoyed. I give Zombio 2 a rating of 7 out of 10.
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