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Brains--The Series (2015)

akas: Brains
category: short
usa, 7 min.

Directed by:

Bri Castellini ... Alison Sumner
Marhsall Taylor Thurman ... Damian Phillips
Kmur Hardeman ... Professor Heather Sherman

ZMDB rating: 8/10 (2 votes)

The zombie apocalypse has hit, but it actually has receded, allowing civilization to be rebuilt. Alison is a young woman who has survived, but she now wants to date. She's attracted to Damian, but complications arise that zombies can look like regular humans. They also possess intelligence. But can they be trusted? Can they resist their old urges? And will Alison ever find a boyfriend? The second season begins with Alison drawing closer to her zombie roommate. In fact, they become more than friends. Can you really date a zombie?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Living with zombies

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, zombie apocalypse, short films, online series
added: august 16th 2016 00:28:44,  last modified: september 13th 2018 00:24:17
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Season 2!

Hey @Verhoskan, good news! Their second season premieres September 19th, and it's gonna definitely kick things up a few notches!
rated: 10/10 by on
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